Get the look: Daisy from The Great Gatsby...
Channelling the style star Daisy from the Great Gatsby is easy! Just put a modern spin on the opulent 1920s era...

May 06, 2013 04:35
by Caitlin Reid

Champagne fountains and extravagant parties, the jazz age described in The Great Gatsby oozes opulence, fun, and fabulous fashion. Trying to emulate Daisy’s timeless style is the ultimate fashion goal of late. Why? People everywhere have been waiting impatiently for Baz Luhrmann's remake of Fitzgerald’s tale of society and excess. But where to start? The key to achieving a modern Gatsby look is incorporating key styling elements into statement pieces. To top it all off: accessorise!

The classic symbol of jazz age flappers is the loose, formless dress. Originally worn below knee length, modern Gatsby-esque variations can be found in various hem lengths. Look for soft fabrics that fall effortlessly, forget clingy stretch fabrics. Loose dresses can mimic a muumuu with the wrong sleeve, so aim for a slim sleeve, a soft short sleeve or completely sleeveless cut.

The drop waist was a crucial element to jazz age dressing. Remember keep this loose, and if there is a waist to the style, it must be low. So low that it starts where your old 90s hipster jeans had their waistband, yes...that low.

Unleash your inner heiress with sparkles, shimmers, feathers and luxurious furs. Heavily embellished dresses were nighttime staples. Fur boleros were a feminine alternative to jackets. Look for sequined and beaded detailing in precise art deco patterns, or all over for that real luxe look. Furs are often faux these days, but real or not, both are beautiful ways to stay jazz-inspired and warm in the chill.

Accessories are always key. Used to either finish a look, or as a shy way to incorporate a specific trend into your style, they are vital when it comes to Gatsby. Think headbands, namely sparkly and feather-filled. Tiny fedoras offer a bold, nostalgic nod to the Gatsby era.

Jewellery should be intricate, art deco-inspired, and lavish. Diamond encrusted earrings and head pieces such as Tiffany & co.’s The Great Gatsby Collection are luxury epitomised. Less formal options should include art deco patterns of defined black and white, and thick linear patterns. T-bar heels have had a Gatsby revamp, and now come with a modern point, some with the option of punky studs.

If you’re not a full blown Gatsby fanatic, keen to add just a sprinkle of jazz age glam, look for subtle Gatsby trimmings. Think formless, soft t-shirts and shift dresses, art deco detailing, bold lines, and subtle injections of sparkle. If its all too much, try an art deco belt or black and gold clutch. While you may not be mistaken for Gatsby’s Daisy, you’ll still feel a little Gatsby luxe.

Going all out Great Gatsby is a thrilling prospect, and Australian designers have the goods to recreate a modern 20s glam. If it's a touch of Gatsby elegance you crave, accessories and gentle formless pieces are perfect.


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