Get the Look for Less: Nicole Ritchie
Nicole's breezy scarf print outfit is perfect for spring...

Sep 25, 2013 02:29
by Sally Creagh

What do you get when you pair luxurious scarf print palazzo pants with a plain tank, suede flats and some simple but elegant jewellery? You get one of Nicole's signature and most often repeated looks. We'll call it boho luxe.

Nicole's pants are Givenchy and her chunky gold necklace is vintage Chanel, which certainly takes care of the 'luxe' part. The 'boho' part - seen in the cut of the pants, the relaxed flats and the top knot - is a lot more accessible to your average gal. 

Check out our picks to replicate this cool and comfy boho look, without the 'luxe' price tag. 


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