Get the look: Girls
How to dress like a Girl: From Jessa to Shoshanna, HBO's Girls have their own crazy style we all crave...

Mar 18, 2013 03:52
by Caitlin Reid

“It's a Wednesday night baby and I'm alive!” This hilarious proclamation is one reason why the world now loves Hannah, Shoshanna, Marni and Jessa. Who knew Shoshanna would become a household name? HBO’s Girls is GenY’s Sex and the City - it’s raw, hilarious, real and insanely lovable.

Why has Girls won over, well, girls everywhere? The characters. Hannah is a neurotic writer who is on/off best friends with high maintenance Marni; a highly strung beauty struggling to stay afloat in her post college world. Crazy and cute Shoshanna is learning how to fall in love, while her angst-filled cousin Jessa quotes anti-conformist profanity. Completely unique characters with real personalities, realities and looks from their hair to their shoes. Here’s how to dress like a Girl - an HBO girl that is...

Hannah’s style is more hipster honey with an alternative edge. No heels for Hannah, she keeps it practical in sensible sandals, flats and brogues. Playsuits in fun prints compliment her erratic thoughts and slightly alternative tendencies. Mix hipster chic peter pan collars with some girly flourishes to channel Hannah’s style.

Jessa’s styling is vintage, floaty and imaginative. Think 1930’s Jean Harlow, swanning around in soft silk robes. Her lust worthy vintage wardrobe (often courtesy of the actress’ real life Mum’s NY vintage boutique) mimics her free spirited artistic character, plus, the stylists are careful to add a little raunch. To channel Jessa think sheer robes as day wear, soft silhouettes, high waists, stunning vintage dresses, and long hippie earrings.

Girly innocence with some fun, flirty naiveté is Shoshanna’s style. Think London high street ultra girly threads, she keeps it young with uncomplicated pieces from flip dresses to fitted tees. You’ll never see this girl in revealing outfits, she keeps it cute and covered up. Think high school sweetheart with added cute accessories.

Elijah: What the f**k are you wearing?

Marnie: My uniform.

Elijah: You look like a s****y Von Trapp child.

This quote doesn’t do justice to Marni’s ultra modern style. This season she adopts softer, younger looks as she mixes up her personal and professional life. Trying high fashion in a plastic shelled party dress to punky casual in a band tee and denim skinnies, Marni embodies eclectic feminine fashion. Think bold brights, sleeveless tops, pretty but appropriate hemlines and lady-like accessories.

Utterly individual in uniform and personality, HBO’s Girls injects freshness into our TVs every week. Try each of their styles out to see which ‘Girl’ you are!

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