These mamas have style!
Who says having kids is the end of your sublime style? A few key pieces keep even the busiest mums looking fabulous...

Apr 10, 2013 04:21
by Caitlin Reid

The mums have it...effortless style that is! From Miranda Kerr to Beyonce, stylish celeb mums have the ‘it’ look.

Having kids is perhaps the most frantic time in a woman’s life. Fashion? Put that on the back burner. But no more! There’s a new breed of super styling mums who prove it is possible to stay suave with a kid in tow. How? A few key items are these mums’ go to cover ups to immediately elevate, brighten, and polish their outfits.

Avoiding the frumpy look is number one. Sure, most new mums are stressed, sleep deprived and have more pressing things to worry about than the shape of their post-baby bods, but would still like to feel like themselves when they leave the house. You’re not alone! Say no to the trackies, they only make you feel frumpy. After all, Karl Lagerfeld has famously said that “sweat pants are a sign of defeat!”. Karl of course, it must be noted, has never had kids so he knows nothing of defeat... ;)

Instead, look to style star mums for inspiration. The skinny jean and long jacket mix is the winning combination. Skinny jeans create a slim silhouette, defining sexy curves. It's also relatively easy to wipe hummus handprints off them. Add a chic overcoat or anorak (think Beyonce and Sienna) and you've got a fashionable cover up alternative to baggy hoodies and cardigans. When paired together, this winning look is chic, modern, feminine, and still carefully conceals any clingy or baby-stained tops.

Number two: Accessorise. An obvious style tip you say? Not so fast. Think hats over handbags. New mums struggle to find time to wash their clothes, let alone their hair. Hats are the perfect way to cover unwashed, messy hair while simultaneously completing your look. Perfect! Think soft brims and beanies for winter, or modern straw boaters for summer.

Last one: Keep it simple. Style star mums keep their looks stunning and simple. A well tailored blazer completes any look, and can be thrown over jeans and a t-shirt for effortless style. Leather and denim jackets do the same. Easy, instant, fuss-free. What about days you want a real fash-gasm moment? Mums don’t need to miss out! Colourful playsuits are a comfortable way to inject a splash of bold styling and exciting brights into your new mum wardrobe.

Celebrity mums have it covered. Don’t lose your confident personal style because you have kids. Some easy tips from the stars are all you need to avoid new mum eek! and stay chic at this frantic time.

Which celebrity mum's style do prefer?

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