K-Stew Retires Her Sneaks and Impresses Us Peeps
How to get K-Stew's look...

Oct 25, 2012 03:46
by Sarah Miller

Poor old K-Stew. When she’s not inflaming the world’s Twi-hards with her pash crimes against blood-sucking love god, R-Patz, she’s being pilloried for her habit of defiling beautiful designer outfits with Converse sneakers. Then there is her other habit of not smiling much at public appearances. Jeez… the girl obviously has sore feet, will you leave her alone?

But sometimes, she gets it just right. Here’s K-Stew looking hot, not long before the cheating scandal, and some tips on how you can replicate this look for spring…

1. These psychedelic print pants from Balenciaga are ten kinds of awesome, with enough colour and interest to carry the whole look.

Get the look: Wonka Lycra Legging (acid), $320, romancewasborn.com) 

2. White tank – the temptation with the print trend is to go for the clashing print look, but tread carefully girls, it can be hard to pull off! K-Stew wisely lets her pants do all the talking by pairing it with this relaxed tank.

Get the look: White Scoop Singlet, $19.95, generalpants.com.au 

3. Black tuxedo jacket – this simple structured piece anchors the whole look.  

Get the look: Lovely Girl Black Tuxedo Blazer, $89.00, pittbullmansion.com

4. Sharp high-heeled pumps top the whole thing off. We know that these fabulous Balenciaga pumps were probably tossed aside for her regular sneakers shortly after this pic was taken, but we need not follow suit.

Get the look: Balbour heels, black leather, $159.95 wittner.com.au.

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