Your Sister: Your Ideal Accessory
Famous fashionista sistas...

Oct 23, 2012 02:05
by Caitlin Reid

You step out dripping sublime style, a measured mix of high fashion and high street. Nothing could possibly elevate your look. You’re a head to toe fash-gasm. We all know two is always better than one, right? Now imagine, your arm candy is a girl carefully coiffed and styled to enhance your look. It’s your sister!

Fashionable sisters attract attention - who doesn’t love seeing a pair of genetically blessed clothes horses wearing trends yet to grace the runways?Even better are high styling sisters wearing...wait for it...carefully contrived matching outfits. As much as individual style is praised, sisters in coordinating high fashion duds are sure to warm the cockles of any sibling’s heart.

First off, think the Olsen twins. The Row’s beautiful brand ambassadors, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, dress to enhance each other mixing Ashley’s ultra femme grooming with Mary- Kate’s laid-back luxe. The twins clearly know the ‘other one’ is their ultimate accessory.

Next up are our favourite sisters of the moment, front row regulars the Delevigne sisters. Younger Cara’s relaxed festival style and punky formal sits comfortably next to Poppy’s eclectic Top Shop-esque blend of high street and highbrow. These sisters have the sibling trifecta: they pose perfectly together, love fashion and are at the forefront of all the new collections (both are models).

Other stylish sisters dominating the fash pack are the Fannings, Australia’s own Hart sisters, and the Courtin-Clarins sisters. Let’s not forget the iconic style of Charlotte Gainsborough and Lou Doillon and the Italian Brandolini sisters.

The key to sister styling? Don’t copy your sister’s ultra chic look, go for similar shades, fabrics or themes. Think the Fanning sisters front row butter yellow outfits. Only child? Find a similar looking friend and you’re good to go.

Which fashionista sistas do you like best?


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