11 Striking Feature Wall Ideas That You Should Try, Stat!
Have a vacant vertical surface that you don’t know what to do with? Read on…

Natasha Saroca

Oct 30, 2014 03:01
by Natasha Saroca

Have you ever looked around your living room, bedroom or another area in your home and got that feeling that something was missing? No, we’re not suggesting that someone with sticky fingers has swiped some of your treasured knick-knacks or decorative accents, but rather that your space doesn’t quite look or feel complete.

Sometimes the solution might be as simple as rearranging your furniture to fill an empty corner so the area feels more balanced; adding personality to a neutral-toned space that’s chic but a tad lifeless with colourful or patterned decor; or anchoring an expansive room with a generous-sized area rug. If, however, your decorating dilemma involves around a large vacant (and very boring!) wall that sticks out like a sore thumb, then a little more work – and creativity – may be required to make your room feel finished, resulting in a space that exudes visual harmony, as well as loads style and character, too.

Feeling stumped on how you can transform your bare wall from an empty, not-particularly-special surface into a statement-making feature that ties the look of your space together, then check out the 11 chic and creative ideas below.

Feature Wall

1. Pick up a paint brush

An easy way to jazz up a bare, bland wall is to cover it with a coat of fresh paint in your favourite colour, or a hue that’s eye-catching and will suit the style of your home. We love how this cheerful yellow wall (well, technically the painted section partially extends over two walls, but it creates the same effect) instantly brightens and adds a pop of personality, as well as a sunny, inviting vibe, to this airy living space.

Image: Dulux Australia.

Feature Wall

2. Create a fashionable display

Do you have an impressive collection of killer kicks that you’d love to put on display? Then consider affixing several strips of crown moulding to a plain wall either in your bedroom or by your front door to create a practical storage space to hang your shoes (or your favourite pieces of clothing, as seen here) that also fills the vacant surface and offers stop-and-stare style, too.

3. Curate a gallery wall

Take one plain wall and an array of striking paintings, prints and sculptural wall decor, and what do you get? One amazingly artistic and attention-grabbing accent wall! Opt for a grid-like arrangement for a streamlined look, or hang your art collection at different levels in an artfully arranged cluster for a more casual, eclectic vibe.

Images: Martha Stewart; Brooke Holm/The Design Files via Brit & Co.

Feature Wall

4. Showcase your collectibles

Are you an avid collector of vintage cameras, comic books or even decorative crockery? Rather than letting your treasured items collect dust in a cupboard, show them off instead – a large, bare wall provides the perfect backdrop on which you can showcase your collectibles.

5. Work with wallpaper

Want a feature wall that really wows and can be done with relatively little fuss? Removable wallpaper that’s dressed in a striking pattern and palette is the perfect solution. It’ll infuse your space with chic appeal, plus it’ll be a cinch to remove when you’re in the mood for a change.

Images: House & Garden UK; Dominic Blackmore/Ideal Home via HousetoHome.

Feature Wall

6. Try a memory or mood board

Have loads of photos, postcards and other mementoes from adventures overseas? Or do you like to tack inspiring quotes or pictures to your wall to motivate you? Use one of your walls as a ceiling-to-floor memory or mood board. We think either of these ideas would work a treat in a living room, bedroom or home office.

Images: Murdoch Books via House & Garden UK; Smitten Studio via Brit & Co.

Feature Wall

7. Channel your inner Picasso

Not keen on painting your wall a bold, block colour? Draw out your inner artist and try painting a freehand pattern or mural instead. We love the high-impact graphic design seen in this stylish space.

8. Feature a selection of mirrors

For a striking feature wall that offers loads of personality, sophistication and practicality, too, hang several decorative mirrors on a vacant wall in your home. Not only will this eclectic arrangement look good, but it’ll make your space feel more spacious and airy as the mirrors will bounce an abundance of natural light around your room.

Images: Home Jelly; Adrian Briscoe via House & Garden UK.

Feature Wall

9. Invest in oversized art

A large piece of art that spans almost the entire length and/or height of your wall will instantly transform any blank vertical surface into a conversation-starting feature wall. Plus, it will also add depth and help anchor your space, not to mention a hearty dose of visual appeal, too.

10. Opt for open storage

An in-built wall-to-wall bookcase, floating shelves or wall-mounted storage cubes (as seen here) are a smart and stylish idea for any accent wall. Fill them with your favourite books, keepsakes and chic decorative items to create a beautiful, feature wall-worthy display.

Images: Brit & Co.; Decoist.

Would you try one of these feature wall ideas in your home? Tell us which on in the comments section below!

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