12 DIY Paint Projects To Tackle This Weekend
Perk up your home and inject it with personality by attempting these artistic endeavours during your downtime

Natasha Saroca

Nov 26, 2014 01:37
by Natasha Saroca

Do you ever mentally add jobs that need to be done around the home to your weekend to-do list, but when Saturday finally rolls around, you just can’t get motivated to tackle them, which means they often don’t (read: never) get done? Well, you’re not alone.

And just to clarify, we’re not talking about everyday chores like catching up on the laundry, mowing the lawn or giving your home a hardcore clean, here. No, we’re talking about more involved home improvement projects – such as building flat-pack furniture that you bought an age ago or replacing an old light or bathroom fixture – that you should (in theory) want to do because you know they’ll lift the look and functionality of your interior. However, in spite of this, you still struggle getting geed up to get the job done.

That being said, there is one type of DIY project that we’re always more than happy to do on our dedicated days of rest – basically any job that involves paint, a paintbrush or roller, and gives us the opportunity get messy, be creative and channel our inner artist!

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 DIY paint projects that are fun, fairly simple and will instantly revive the look of your home. Plus, they can all be easily completed over a single weekend, too. Take a look and let us know if you’re keen to give any of these a try…

12 DIY Paint Projects

1. Freshen up a lacklustre pendant light

Are your pendant lights looking a tad tired? Give them (and your space) a mini makeover by covering them in a fresh coat of paint. Dress them in a single striking shade, or for a more high-impact look, paint the outside of the pendant in one hue and the outside in a contrasting colour, like the lights shown above.

2. Make ombre curtains

If your curtains are discoloured and generally looking a bit worse for wear, use dye to disguise stains and other blemishes. Trust us, it will make them look as good as new. While you may opt to dye your curtains a block colour, we must admit we’re quite partial to the DIY ombre look – don’t you think they offer loads of interest and chic appeal?

Images: Chatelaine via Pinterest; Mademoiselle by MOD.

12 DIY Paint Projects

3. Personalise an old piece of furniture

Have an old piece of furniture that you have hanging around at home that you don’t know what to do with? Give it a new lease of life by personalising the piece with paint – the possibilities are endless! If you wish to keep it simple, give the furniture item a fresh coat of paint. Or if you want to have a bit with the piece, try a dip-dyed effect or dress it up by painting a statement-making pattern on its surface, like the upcycled credenza seen here.

Image: Samantha Pattillo.

12 DIY Paint Projects

4. Paint a feature wall (or two)

Painting a feature wall is extremely effective when it comes to reviving a dull, lifeless space. Not sure what colour to paint your accent wall? Opt for a hue that you love or is timeless in style (think navy or grey) – doing so will ensure you will happily live with the shade for years to come and won’t get sick of it in a hurry.

5. Create a chalkboard calendar

Not a fan of small, compact calendars that don’t have enough room for you to make a note of all your appointments, social events and daily to-dos? Chuck out your desktop or wall calendar, grab a can of chalkboard paint and create a large monthly planner on your wall. Genius!

Images: Marie Claire Maison; Ideal Home via Housetohome.

12 DIY Paint Projects

6. Transform your interior doors

Want to give your doors a fresh, bespoke look? Say goodbye to their plain, cookie-cutter appearance, and hello to striking doors that pop and ooze personality by treating them to a paint job. We love this vivid aqua and lime combo.

7. Put your own stamp on a plain rug

Why buy a patterned floor rug when you can customise a run-of-the-mill rug so that it suits your personality and decorating style instead? We think Aztec-patterned rug (which was painted using a roller, paintbrush and sponges cut into different shapes) is uber fun – it’s a project we’d definitely love to try, wouldn’t you?

Images: Lillyrock Creative via Pinterest; Nellie Bellie.

12 DIY Paint Projects

8. Channel your inner Picasso

Have a blank space on your wall that you don’t know what to do with? Create your own abstract masterpiece that you can hang or prop against the wall. And who knows, after seeing your painting, your friends and family may just commission you to create one for their home!

9. Decorate a selection of scatter cushions

Give plain, boring cushions a brand new look by dressing up the covers with an eye-catching pattern. Keen to try this trick at home? Take style cues from this striking scheme, which features three customised cushions – one with an exotic animal-print design, another with that boasts a Greek-inspired geometric pattern, while the third cushion is covered in a striking abstract motif.

Images: Danielle Oakey; Popsugar.

12 DIY Paint Projects

10. Try your hand at creating a painted headboard

Why buy a bedhead when you can paint one on your wall instead? This is a great idea for those who wish to visually frame their bed and create a focal point, but don’t want to add bulk to their space, which bedheads can sometimes do (especially in compact bedrooms). Plus, the bonus is that you can easily paint over it and change the design or colour when you feel like giving the space a fresh, new look!

Image: Dulux.

12 DIY Paint Projects

11. Pep up vacant walls with eye-popping patterns

If you desire a feature wall that’s more dynamic than one painted in a block colour, paint a pattern on your wall instead. Geometric designs are very now and relatively easy to do (compared to a floral or traditional pattern, for example), plus they pack a visual punch, too!

12. Jazz up old jars

Okay, so this may seem a little off-topic, but is your pantry stocked up with jars of jam, pickles or pasta sauce? If so, don’t throw those babies out once they’re empty – they make great vases, storage containers or tea light holders. While you might like to keep a few in their natural, translucent state, we suggest you try spray painting them inside or out for a charming, colourful look.

Images: Paperblog; Lilyshop.

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