Treadmill or Runway?
Heading to the gym has become more about fashion than it has about getting fit

May 27, 2015 12:33
by Katie

In the past year, working out has gone from being something that you do in your daggiest, baggiest clothes, to an occasion that takes a whole lot of outfit preparation.

Turn up to the gym in an outfit that doesn’t match your shoes, that isn’t engineered to make you look slimmer and that isn’t by a well know activewear brand and you’re the minority.

The activewear boom arrived out of nowhere, resulting in an increase in gym selfies and it miraculously gave us something to enjoy about exercise – before it I was an “extra-fries” not an “exercise” type of girl.

It could have been a result of many things – we’re blaming fabulous brands like Pilot Athletic, Running Bare, Lululemon, L'urv, Brasilfit and Lorna Jane, websites like Stylerunner and fit girls like Kayla Itsines – but what we do know is that if we aren’t working out in style, it would be better to not work out at all.

We spoke to the Chief Stylist of activewear brand Fabletics, Ginger Ressler to get the low down on why we’re walking the treadmill like it’s a runway.


Missy Confidential: Working out in style is a huge trend at the moment. Why do you think women are now on the hunt for outfits that will keep them looking good while they hit the gym? 

Ginger Ressler: I believe this is a reflection of what our lifestyle today – women now are constantly on the go, and sometimes, there isn’t time to change in between picking the kids up from school or going to dinner with your girlfriends. Women need activewear that’s not only functional, but fashionable – clothing that can take them through their day.
I also think that women now, more than ever, are putting a lot of time and effort into being fit, and they want to show off the results of their hard work!


MC: What are important factors women should remember when they are putting together an activewear outfit? 

GR: What you put on should be comfortable. Keep it simple – don’t mix too many trends at once. Instead, focus on one thing, whether it’s a bold print on the bottom, or a pop of color on top. A great way to make sure your outfit is looks pulled together is using one accent color to tie your pieces together.
This probably sounds crazy, but I will lay out my workout outfit out the night before, so I’m not rushed the next day and just throwing pieces into my gym bag.


MC: Are there any particular activewear trends that are running hot at the moment? 

GR: High neck, midi-length sports bras are hot right now – not only are they functional for a workout, but you can wear them as a crop top with a skirt, or under a blazer if you want to cover up a little more.  Mesh is also big right now, whether it’s mesh panels and details on tops and bottoms, or mesh tanks and tops. Lightweight bomber jackets are also trending – you can throw one on after a workout, or pair it with other items from your wardrobe for a fashion-forward look.


MC: In terms of activewear accessories, what should women be wearing this season? 

GR: Backpacks are a stylish way to carry your gear. Fabletics has a great one made of neoprene material with a pouch that clips on and off so you can use it as a clutch.


MC: What does Fabletics offer women that other activewear stores don't? 

GR: We are a fashion-forward activewear brand – our design team is a mix of ready-to-wear apparel and activewear designers so that we are offering a range of items to fit today’s lifestyle. We have amazing functional pieces for a woman who is serious about her workouts, but who can also wear our pieces as fashion items mixed with her everyday wardrobe.


MC: How would you describe a Fabletics woman? 

GR: She is on-the-go, balancing work, family and friends, and strives to lead a healthy, balanced and active life – a life that she loves!


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