Love Shoes, Love Senso
Missy chats to Imogen Meller, a member of the close-knit family behind the footwear brand we love.

Jun 02, 2015 02:59
by Katie

Nothing beats that feeling when you find the perfect pair of shoes – you are giddy, can’t stop staring at your feet and you know that the more you wear them, the less likely you are to ever take them off.

Thousands of women experience this when they try on a pair of Senso shoes.

The brand was first launched in the 80’s by a husband and wife team who wanted to create a brand that would be known for both its high quality fashion footwear and affordability.

Since, the Meller’s three daughters have joined the team and together they have grown the brand into one of the country’s most iconic and popular footwear labels.

The lovely Imogen Meller gave Missy some of her time to chat about shoes, keeping up with trends and working with family.


Missy Confidential: What do you think it is about shoes that make us so excited? 

Imogen Meller: I think shoes make every girl happy - they can completely transform an outfit, they always fit (it doesn’t matter if you’re having a fat day!) and they just look like pieces of art!


MC: And Senso shoes in particular, what makes the brand special and different to others? 

IM: I think we’re just doing things our way instead of sticking to the mold - we’re not afraid to venture out and try new things.  We try to create for girls like ourselves and look for things that we want in our wardrobe now.  I think we understand women really well and between all of us (there are 4 girls in our family), we can pick what they’re going to want that season!  


MC: What has inspired the Senso style and specifically, your current collection? 

IM: Our current collection is quite sleek and has a large focus on materials and hardware - we’ve used a lot of matte blacks and metal trims. We always try to create a collection that can be worn from day to night


MC: Being a family run business, you would spend a lot of time with your family. My own sister and I think on the same wavelength but we argue as much as we laugh. What is it like working and designing so closely with your family?  

IM: It’s great but we’re like any family, of course we bicker and have our moments but luckily we have more good days than bad! It’s great, because like you said, you’re on the same wavelength most of the time  and you can be honest and straight forward with each other!


MC: What does an average day at Senso HQ look like? 

IM: Our HQ can get pretty crazy- we have a relatively small team so we all work really hard.  Every aspect of the business is growing at the moment so our days are getting busier and busier.  Everything takes place in our Head Office, from deliveries (sometimes our pretty showroom is stacked to the ceilings with cartons), to fit testing, to collection building, to showings, to PR, to sending out all our E-Boutique orders.


MC: Can you describe the Senso woman? 

IM: I don’t think there is a definite Senso woman - I think that’s what is so great about the brand. There’s something in the collection for everyone and each individual will style a pair differently. Generally we create for girls that follow fashion and trends and want those high fashion styles for an affordable price.


MC: If you could see anyone in the world wearing Senso shoes, who would it be and why? 

IM: The best feeling is to walk down the street or when you're out at night and you spot a girl that looks great and is having a fantastic time in a pair of our shoes.


MC: When you’re choosing a pair of shoes to wear each day, what do you take into account? 

IM: When I’m on my way to work - always comfort! I run around so much that I can’t afford to be in a really high pair of heels (as comfortable as ours are).


MC: Which pair of Senso shoes is in high rotation in your own wardrobe and why? 

IM: It’s coming into winter so I’ve swapped my Ida mandals for my Avery slides!  They’re so fresh and I love that they have this great way of transforming any outfit!


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