Vintage Designer Pieces At Your Fingertips
Hawkeye Vintage carefully curates exclusive collections of vintage designer clothes and accessories that are brimming with style and a certain je ne sais quoi

Jun 16, 2015 02:42
by Katie

Hawkeye Vintage, founded by Danielle Goodwin, was born of a love for all things vintage.

It was in 2012 that, after realising that her obsession with collecting vintage clothing may have gotten a little out of hand, Danielle started Hawkeye.

With multiple storage units (in multiple cities across the globe), and a house full of clothing and accessories, the idea for Hawkeye Vintage was born.

Today, Hawkeye sources incredible, one-off vintage designer pieces from across the globe and brings them from city to city so that vintage shoppers can have access to pieces that set them apart from the rest.

“Our philosophy at Hawkeye, is to show women that to stand out and be stylish is easy! We are committed to bringing the highest quality and most unique luxury vintage pieces to our customers, that allow them to look and feel their best,” Danielle said.

“Our keen eye for detail, and attention to quality and condition, means that we only provide the best for our customers. Each item we sell is hand selected for both it's beauty and it's history. Hawkeye Vintage is making the old new again, in the most modern and sophisticated way.”

The name ‘Hawkeye Vintage’ came from Danielle’s keen eye, her ‘hawk’s eye’, for everything beautiful, special and unique.

“I think it's such a thrill finding such gorgeous, luxury pieces that are for most people aspirational, and being able to sell them at really affordable prices. It's also such a treat to learn the unique and colourful history of each and every piece we sell.”

“I look for style, construction and most importantly, fabrication. Quality and condition are two other key factors that I always consider.”

Of course, while she shares her finds with the rest of us, Danielle still keeps a few pieces for herself (and we’re sure she guards them with her life!).

“My favourite vintage piece is my 2.55 Chanel Bag and my 80s chain Chanel belt. Both pieces are steeped in history, and there is just something about Chanel isn't there?”

“There is so much beauty in each piece's simplicity, and I am a sucker for classic designers. I also have a massive scarf fetish!”

Hawkeye Vintage is currently hosting a pop up shop in Melbourne and keep an eye out on Missy for events and pop ups in July. For more information about Hawkeye, visit the website. 


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