Designer Profile: Alexander Terekhov
Russian fashion wunderkind Alexander Terekhov...

Nov 06, 2012 03:15
by Sally Creagh

Here at Missy we've become slightly obsessed with Russian fashion designers. Maybe it was all that time they spent behind the Iron Curtain wearing the same drab boiler suits as their comrades that did it, but since the end of communism, there has been an explosion of creativity which has given birth to a fashion scene producing some of the most interesting and beautiful design around.

 Earlier on in this evolutionary tale, it seemed to be all about the conspicuous display of new wealth, but Russian fashion, on the whole, has now developed a less blingy, more refined aesthetic. One of our favourites of this new guard is Alexander Terekhov.

 We first spied images from his Fall Winter 2012-13 collection on Pinterest, and after we’d picked our jaws up off the floor, we had to see more. The prints, the fabrics, the uber-feminine cuts, and the colour combinations within each garment were nothing short of gasp-inducing. (See slides 1-8).

 The Spring Summer 2012-13 Pre-collection just out, is entirely more subdued, the majority of which echoes the super-ladylike shapes and structures of the early 1960s. It also includes some drop waisted dresses, a couple of peplums, soft pleats and a jumpsuit in hot pink  - showing that Terekhov is covering all the bases for this season’s most popular trends. (See slides 9-14).

 What this more accessible collection lacks in ecstatic colour combos, it makes up for in everyday wearability. The simplicity of many of the pieces has our minds whirring with accessorising possibilities.

So can you get Alexander Terekhov in Australia? Not so far!* I guess we’ll have to keep drooling over pieces as they pop up on Polyvore, but here's hoping Christiansen Copenhagen or some other such fashion haven will start importing soon.

 Tell us what you think of Alexander Terekhov's designs in the comments below!

 *Unless you know some thing I don’t know, and if so, share!

Image sources  - all images from www.alexanderterekhov.com

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