Graphic Content: 22 Pieces Of Wearable Art
Art-inspired fashion that’s sure to stop critics in their tracks.

Jun 14, 2013 02:52
by Natasha Saroca

Do you know Monet from Michelangelo? What art period came first: Baroque or Bauhaus? When did da Vinci finish painting his masterpiece, The Mona Lisa?

Don’t know the answers? Don’t fret. We’re not going to grade you on our impromptu pop quiz (not yet, anyway); we're just trying to separate the art aficionados from those who need a crash course in Art History 101 before they can fully appreciate one of this year’s emerging trend: art-inspired fashion. 

The flirtation between fashion and art is not a new phenomenon. Designers have long been taking cues from artists, iconic artworks, art periods and artistic techniques when conceptualising and crafting their sartorial creations.

Let’s take a (very brief) look at some fashion history fun facts to prove our point: Art Deco design – think lots of geometric shapes and embellishments – was at the heart of the flamboyant (and oh-so-glamorous) fashion of the 1920s. Yves Saint Laurent once designed a collection of shift dresses with a very Mondrian-esque vibe (you know, the grid-like pattern with pops of primary colours). And Marc Jacobs has collaborated with several artists during his time at the helm of luxe design house, Louis Vuitton.

This year, we see fashion’s affinity with art come to the fore once again, with new-season arrivals from both international and local designers – from LV and Kate Spade New York to Australia’s own Gary Bigeni and Lisa Ho – paying homage to visual artistry in all its forms, from photography and painting to street art. So, it seemed fitting that we, in turn, celebrate the masterful marriage of art and style by curating our own collection of 22 show-stopping pieces that are utterly exhibit-worthy but also perfect for the everyday.

Which of these art inspired pieces do you love?


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