Beach meets Bushland: Ryder SS13/14:
Plaid, leather, lace and ...fish... make Ryder’s new collection perfectly Australian.

Nov 22, 2013 08:16
by Caitlin Reid

Arabella Ramsay’s little sister brand, Ryder, reveals tartan, lace and even fish in its spring collection. Fish? Just wait, the iconic Australian designer has reason for this seemingly odd pattern choice.

The new collection is all about the Australian summer, blending beach and bush in perfect harmony. The beach part is where the fish come in. As the first stand alone collection, Ryder is no longer a diffusion brand, but a strong addition to the Australian fashion scene. Blending iconic Australian landscapes in affordable, long lasting styles and patterns, Ryder is about everlasting style over fleeting fashions and time conscious trends.  

So what makes this collection exciting? The fish! Stark depictions of flounders, flatheads and codfish bring a fancy free element to any of the spring pieces. In dresses, shorts, leggings and shifts, there’s a fish motif for all occasions.

More a shellfish lover? Crustaceans enjoy their fair share of stardom with the crustacean tank, dress and tee. For those chilly beachside evenings, try a fish themed knit while chowing down on some fish & chips. Who doesn’t love showcasing the nautical creatures Australia has to offer! These bold fabrics will brighten any day, and are the perfect way to complement every denim summer piece.

From the surf to sun-kissed bushland, country style is a huge part of the spring summer collection. A plaid lover's dream, the range includes bright plaid pieces from girly, cute dresses to skirts and the beloved plaid shirt. Tartan and plaid don’t mean daggy, baggy fits. Blending tartan print with baby soft flannel fabric, these country classics cinch the waist, adding sparks of flirty fun.

Arabella Ramsay’s Ryder spring/summer 13/14 collection caters to every Australian girl from feminine to surf chic with stylish, affordable pieces. Get the laid back and lovely Aussie look from beach to bushland.


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RYDER by Arabella Ramsay- up to 70% off

RYDER by Arabella Ramsay- up to 70% off

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