Designer Profile: Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott is putting the fun back into fashion

Nov 05, 2012 10:22
by Ellen Wardle

Jeremy Scott has been called the Jeff Koons of the fashion industry for his unique, colourful and inspiring collections that often reference popular-culture, cartoons and famous artworks. Scott’s collections are a case of art imitating life; the bright and bubbly designs provide his fans with a unique perspective into his mission statement: from latex dresses, to sequinned burqas, to Adidas sneakers with teddy bears lolling from the tongues, Jeremy Scott is adamant about bringing the fun back to fashion.

Listing 90s cartoons and the internet amongst his myriad inspirations Scott has sent models down the runway turned out in everything from high-waisted Bart Simpson underwear to corset dresses made from crushed soda cans.

He has dressed countless celebrities including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Li’l Wayne. And while not everyone is always a fan (his designs often come under heavy scrutiny, most recently his Arab Spring 2013 collection) there’s no denying his work has impact - colourful, sequinned impact.

It is Scott’s confidence when it comes to appropriating, well, anything and everything that has allowed him to continually achieve the popular-culture and recycled-90s inspired aesthetics that so thoroughly permeate his collections. Scott’s creative combinations of fun and fashion reflect his own brazen personality. When designing the now infamous Spring/Summer 2010 collection which debuted in London, 2009 Scott asked himself questions such as “What would Lady Gaga or Debbie Harry wear if they were in a Flintstones-inspired rock band?” He then sent his models down the runway in tight animal-print dresses, lashings of colourful eye-makeup and giant bone hairpieces.

It appears his imagination knows no bounds: Scott takes huge creative risks when it comes to the wearability of his creations off the runway, but despite this factor it seems he can do no wrong. His Adidas “Teddy Bears” sold out almost instantly after they hit retail in February 2011, an undisputedly loud and charismatic shoe that, nevertheless, won the public over. And many of his runway pieces have become seasonal staples in the wardrobes of the rich, fun and famous. It is a testament to Scott’s innovations in his “fun fashion” aesthetic that has so many celebrities and fashion personalities alike list him among their favourite designers.

Whether he is turning trash into treasure, or spangling religious garments with sequins it seems that Scott’s only agenda is to have as much fun as he can while pushing every limit possible. While Scott’s work is risky, his sold-out shows, which have been placed time and time again at the forefront of the “must-see” during Fashion Week all over the world, prove that his blend of iconography and the avant-garde afford his pieces a timelessness which delves deep into the collective psyche of society and entertains the world.

Take a look at his latest colleciton shown at New York Fashion week earlier this month, and some of his more famous pieces from past collections. 

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