Diffusion Infusion
8 labels that give you that coveted “looks expensive but ain't” style.


May 22, 2014 04:52
by Missy

Purchasing diffusion brands is like having a hatted chef cook you scrambled eggs. They're going to taste like the best freakin' eggs you've ever had, but it's not going to cost you as much as the steak tartare. Forgive my food analogy, but it's getting close to lunch, and I do love a good egg.

But back to the focus of this piece, which is to share with you the best diffusion labels to hunt out in Australia. So without further adieu, here they are:

AKIN by Ginger and Smart
Never afraid to use colour and texture in surprising ways, Akin is great for scoring directional, colourful “It” pieces that will add punch to your outfit. Invest in one of their cool jackets, or a gloriously detailed dress, you'll be aching to wear them regularly.

Collette by Collette Dinnigan
After I wiped my tears and blew my nose, devastated to hear Collette Dinnigan was closing down, I run into Collette's publicity gals who informed me, “Silly Missy, the Collette label will live on, and it will be available in DJs going forward”. Hooray for that! Realistically, Collette is the label I actually can afford – and so for divine dresses in luxe fabrics, to make your friends ask “Omg! Where did you get that”, Collette is your label.

Hi There! By Karen Walker
I'm often drawn to this brand in Myer, why? Three words Well Cut Staples. For example, you know that classic coat, the navy trench, well, Hi There! did one with bell sleeves two years ago, I was silly enough not to buy it then and there, it sold out by the time I returned. Regrets....I've had a few.

Ruby By Leona Edmiston
The only difference I can find between the Leona Edmiston label and the Ruby diffusion (apart from price) is the fabric is generally synthetic over silk or a cotton blend. Is this a problem? Hell no! Synthetic dresses are my go-to due to their reluctance to be ironed, which goes well with my reluctance to iron.

C&M by camilla and marc
camilla and marc is often on my shopping list, but lately, C&M are proving a treat. The well cut and paired back elegance of the camilla and marc brand is all there with the diffusion, take this monochrome jacket for $289, you need it now right? Me too. Now where did I put my wallet...

YB jaime by Yeojin Bae
There are few designers the Missy team love more than Yeojin Bae, apart from winning at the design stakes (er hello.. have you seen this provocation collection?!) Yeojin is very kind and has nice manners. Okay, where was I... yes, YB Jaime is my go-to for more youthful feel, bright colours, original prints, and just the right amount of kooky. The price point while not super cheap, is spot on for quality.

Wayne by Wayne Cooper
From the opulently styled jewellery, to the leather or lace touches on the current collection, Wayne is about the detail, the cut – and playing dressy ups. Nothing wrong with that.

Armani Exchange
Let's face it Armani is gorgeous, but just a tad expensive, and tad, well, grown up. Amarni Exchange (A|X) was created with a more youthful person in mind. And by youthful person, I think they mean busy! A/X manage to do posh and edgy at the same time. Great for creating a hard working and interchangable professional wardrobe.

So, what are your favourite diffusion labels, and have you picked up any on sale lately?

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