Every Girl's Dream
How one woman's love of glamourous clutch bags changed her life...

Jan 18, 2013 07:40
by Sally Creagh

It all started with her big feet. Feet so big that she couldn't find shoes, and would look with envy at other customers in shoe stores casually taking a shoes off the shelf and slipping them on. Sounds like something out of Cinderella, right?

Olivia Scott Young, owner of online handbag boutique Mollie Day, was so disappointed by her fruitless quest for fabulous shoes that she decided to turn to bags instead. Specifically, evening purses and clutch bags...

Olivia loved the fact that bags, purses and clutches could add pizazz to any outfit, even if you take a size 42 shoe. “Clutches are statement pieces, like perfume bottles," says Olivia, "There is a clutch for the mood and the day. Like you wear a certain perfume for your mood.“ And so began a passion for collecting clutches and handbags, from markets, car boot sales and vintage stores in every place she visited.

So what inspired Olivia to take her love of beautiful bags and clutches beyond merely collecting them, and want to start her own online boutique? As it happens, it came from a beautiful elderly couple.

Olivia was working as a nurse the neurology ward at a hospital, taking care of a man who’d had a stroke. The man’s wife held her husband’s hand as she told Olivia about how they had been working towards a holiday, a holiday they would now never take… Oliva thought “Is this all we are working towards?”. She had a carpe diem (seize the day) moment and knew that she should follow her passion. The Mollie Day boutique was born.

That was over a year ago and now Mollie Day stocks a sizeable range of clutches ranging from highly intricate detailed pieces like Every Girl's Dream ($239) to simple, sleek and affordable such as the Jennie (white) $69.95.  Olivia names all her bags after friends and family, so there is a story behind each design. 

Oliva is  now working towards adding day bags to her collection.

Want to win one of these gorgeous clutches? Click here to enter our Mollie Day giveaway on Facebook: http://bit.ly/W5JT00

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