Fashionable Friends
The fascinating power of the fashionable friendship group...

Feb 15, 2013 02:34
by Caitlin Reid

Fancy yourself as a fashion forward stylish type? Well think for a minute - who are your friends? Do they covet eternally stylish pieces and meticulously stalk the fashion stars? If not, it’s time for a friends’ fashion makeover! Why? The power of the fashionable friendship group. Think perfectly chic Miroslava Duma and her fashion loving Csarina posse.

Picture the fash pack. Yes it’s a real word. Well in the fashion world it is. The fash pack are the men and women dripping sublime style who grace the front rows and street style pages. Within the fash pack are power pockets - friendship groups of the world’s rag trade savvy who enhance each other's quest for style perfection. These power pockets know the secret - the key to appearing uber stylish is hanging out with super styling friends. They motivate you to raise the fashion bar, to mix it up, challenge style rules and snub conformities.

But the real reason? Being a part of a super styling group makes you look...well, super stylish too. And isn’t that the reason you bought that Dion Lee dress anyway? Let's face it, we all long to have style star friends.

The last few years has seen a key group of Russian women dominate the street style blogs. Why? They’re experimental with clothes, they mix high street and luxe designers, and they always look like they’re having fun.

Miroslava Duma, ex Harper’s Bazaar editor come freelance writer is style stalked daily during fashion events. With Tommy Ton hot on her heels, she’s elegantly flanked by the ‘Csarinas’: ex model Ulyana Sergeenko; designer Vika Gazinskaya; and model Elena Perminova.

These Russian girls are excited to showcase Russia’s eclectic and adventurous style choices. One by one, they exude high fashion energy. Put them together? They’re a style god’s dream! Such is the magic of the fashionable friendship group.

Fashion power groups can be family friendly. The Courtin-Clarins sisters rock fresh looks at every event, while nailing the perfect group photo. Would these girls command as much attention on their own? Of course not! Just read street style blogs. Hundreds of fashion followers rock killer style. It’s careful assemblage and conspicuous group photo ops that elevate the fashion friendship groups to infamy. So choose your friends wisely. Carefully coiffed associates and inventive street styled mates can lift your fashion cred far beyond what you, alone, could accomplish.

So give your friends a Clueless style makeover, or get out there and make some super styling friends!

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