Get Inside: Celebrity Hair Stylist Anthony Nader on Everything Hair
Missy caught up with Anthony to get the lowdown on his hair tips, tricks and trend picks

Apr 14, 2015 11:44
by Missy

Looking at his career now, it is hard to imagine celebrity hair stylist, Anthony Nader sweeping hair and chatting to the regulars in a family salon.
But like many, his career started from humble beginnings; beginnings that ultimately nurtured his passion and jump-started the talent that would take him across the globe.
He’s worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, owns his own salon in Sydney and spends half of his life in New York, where for the past eight years he has been working on shoots for advertising clients like J Crew, Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic, as well as on editorial projects.
His schedule is as busy as they come and so we’re absolutely chuffed that he took some time out to share some words of wisdom with Missy.

Missy Confidential: Hi Anthony, we’re so excited to have the chance to chat with you. We’d love to know what led you to become a hair stylist.

Anthony Nader: My family had a clothing store back in my home town of Moruya (on NSW’s south coast) and in the back of the store was a hair salon. Needless to say I was always in there helping my eldest sister out and I also just loved chatting with the ladies and having a laugh with them.

MC: And from those beginnings, how have you ended up where you are now?

AN: Like any industry you’re in, it can take you wherever you want to go, there really isn’t a limit. Dreaming big has always driven me to reach higher mountains to look at a different view.

MC: You've had a long career in the industry. Is there something in particular that has kept you at it? 

AN: Passion and drive to always want to learn more.

MC: In 2006 you were named Australian Hairdresser of the Year by the Australian Hair Journal and you have been named for many other awards and accolades - what an achievement. Is there a particular career moment that you are most proud of and why?

AN: I’d say winning Editorial Session Stylist of the Year in 2008. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge and appreciate all the other awards I’ve won over my career but, Session Stylist is a so-called ‘secret award’ that is judged by the leading Australian beauty and fashion magazines. There aren’t any forms or questionnaires you fill out to enter, it’s just totally anonymous. So winning an award like this one means the world to me because I’m recognised, or on the radar, in the fashion/consumer world for the body of work I’ve done and am still continuing to do.

MC: What are the hair trends we should be following this season?

AN: I’m really into keeping one-length hair more blunt and ‘wig-like’ rather than wispy. For women with shorter hair shapes, I’m a lover of a strong graphic shape but there has to be a softness to the final look. Fringes should be kept longer too. I know, I hear you saying “but that’s more visits to the salon”, but let’s keep the length a little longer this season girls. It’s about that peek-a-boo flutter fringe that embodies a kind of 60’s Bardot feel. This fringe shape compliments your face as the edges skim lower on the sides, hugging the cheekbones beautifully. I’m also loving the latest Chloe campaign, with the girls on the beach with their horses. Their hair just looks so soft real and radiant.

MC: Have you got any tips for how the average woman can achieve a salon-styled look from home?

AN: My biggest tip for any styling to be done at home is never overload your hair strands with too many products. That’s the biggest mistake I hear all the time and you’re also wasting products. Invest in, say, two products that are going to give you the results without weighing your hair down. You want your hair to look like it has life, a plumpness and isn’t stuck to the head or worse still, static and flyaway.

MC: Can this season’s hair trends suit any outfit or should they be worn with a particular fashion trend?

AN: I cut hair always to work with your lifestyle and for low maintenance. Fashion for me is vital as I reference certain parts and then turn them around to work for your hair type - I think that’s what I’m always drawn to. As far as your wardrobe, you do work out what cuts/shapes drape best on you and what colours too but in the mean time it’s fun exploring and experimenting with what does and doesn’t work over time.

MC: How do these hot trends differ from last season and why?

AN: Trends are exactly that, they’re ‘trends’ and the upkeep can be exhausting, really, and budget blowing. I believe in tweaking hair shapes every season but still, first and foremost, making you still be you, which exudes your confidence and brings out the best of you. If one season designers are saying lop off your locks ‘cause it’s cool and in, well before I take to the shears I’m going to have to take a couple of things on board before I cut your hair off. I think you know what I’m saying here and do girls really want to cut off their hair if ‘simon says’?

MC: Are they expected to evolve at all as the season progresses?

AN: The hair shape has to evolve otherwise there’s going to be a time lapse, so your hair should change a little from where it started at the start of the season. It also keeps you feeling good about yourself and a little change is perfect if you can’t afford that holiday just yet.

MC: What hair product should be in every woman's handbag?

AN: Anything purse size is fab and on that note, I’m not talking about a whole hair care range. Maybe just a light hairspray or dry shampoo is fantastic to liven up lacklustre hair and I know it’s strange but carry, say, half a dozen bobby pins as well. You never know when you’ll need to whip up your hair into a messy chignon for office drinks after work or for that board meeting where you need to play the perfect role model.

MC: What are the three most important and everlasting hair care or hair styling commandments that you would love to see all women following?

AN: 1. After washing hair you should never rub dry. Always blot dry instead as then you don’t damage the hair cuticle and each hair strand will stay stronger and radiant.
2. Don’t overload your hair with products.
3. For a frizzy/curly hair texture, rinse hair strands with the coolest water possible. This gives your hair far more control and manageability so you don’t look like you have a lions mane.

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