Margaret Zhang the creative Juggernaut strikes again!
Check out this just baked collab with Anu

Aug 30, 2013 02:46
by Missy

I'd like to meet Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three. But I'd have to pinch her. I want to see if she's real. Man, how can this girl do everything well? She's a creative juggernaut! A real life Wonder Woman! And jeez, she's just so damned likeable too.

We've just been sent these pics from Ms Zhangs recent creative collaboration with Anu's Anita Ben featuring the traditional Indian block print technique known as Jali.

Really, there's not much to say but this.

If you are in fact heading off to any of those exotic destinations you know Margaret Zhang is likely to turn up at - The Amalfi Coast, Nice, Îles de Lavezzi, Sydney Uni - then you're going to need some seriously laid back style. Whether or not you travel in a solar powered, aerodynamic, fancy schmancy, Marc Newson designed rocket ship (I am sure this is how Ms Zhang travels), then you just might want to have a few of these pieces packed.  

And for the record, Margaret, you rock. Sorry about the pinch.  

Find them here at www.byanu.com

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