This Week in Fashion
Missy's fashion round up for third week of January 2013

Jan 21, 2013 04:35
by Sally Creagh

You know, Kim K takes a lot of flak. This week she was panned for wearing a mannish suit and business shirt on to The Late Show with David Letterman in NYC. Not the most flattering outfit perhaps, but the girl is up the pole, what do people expect?

She’s probably got a burning sciatic nerve, needs to wee all the time and is so fatigued she’s like a ragdoll. Not exactly the right circumstances for one of her usual super-tight looks. And don’t even mention the nausea. Perhaps she heaved in her limo on the way there and had to borrow the drivers’ uniform?

And then there were the Golden Globes. Black and gold seemed to be a theme, with Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren and Kate Hudson all donning the combo in sleek, embellished numbers. Nicole always looks great – she has impeccable taste, even though she is beginning to look slightly embalmed (please stop now, our Nic, there’s nothing wrong with a few wrinkles!).

Halle Berry’s Atelier Versace gown caused a lot of controversy, variously being panned as “out of season”, or looking like it “belonged in the 1990s” etc. Hmm, we thought it looked good on her, and said so on our Facebook page, where it inspired some hot debate, including the comments "I hate this,"  and “Oh I’m dying that you put this up. I think you are joking”. No, not joking, deadly serious. Thought it was awful did you? You can all go to Halle.

Couture Fashion Week kicked off on Monday in freezing Paris with a showing of Donatella Versace’s latest. The Atelier Versace Spring 2013 collection was inspired by architecture according to Donatella, most specifically the Le Centorial building in Paris, which is made from steel, glass, and iron and was also where the show was taking place. Despite being a Spring collection Donatella included a fur coat embellished with mirrors, that apparently took over 500 hours to complete. I’ll be getting two of those.

At Tuesday's presidential inauguration Michelle Obama rocked a Thom Browne dress and coat, with belt and shoes by J Crew. She also showed off her new sleek bob with a long fringe. GObama! Beyonce was all bouncy curls and lace on the podium. She wore Pucci while belting out The Star Spangled Banner and showed us how well emerald green (earrings and ring) goes with tangerine (mani).

Finally, if that wasn't enough to leave you gasping, a judge wore a funny hat and Bill Clinton just couldn't help himself when the opportunity arose to photobomb Kelly Clarkson. Like you would. 

What did you think of this week’s outfits?


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