5 things to look for when choosing shapewear
The season of silk dresses and form fitting outfits is upon us! Get ready by choosing the right shapewear...

Oct 10, 2013 10:45
by Sally Creagh

You’re having a fat day, and going through your wardrobe looking for something to wear that you will feel confident in. You come to that gorgeous but slightly clingy skirt or top, and decide to put it back and opt for the looser fitting but less flattering number instead. Sound familiar?

We all self-censor when it comes to clothes - meaning we end up under-utilising half of our wardrobe waiting for that mythical day when we will feel super fit and together. But there is a solution: well chosen shapewear.

But not all shapewear is created equal. Avoid making your underwear drawer a shapewear graveyard, filled with pieces that are too tight, too hot or too loose at the edges. Follow these tips to choose the best performing shapewear and enjoy the silky season!

1. Softness

The number one essential trait of good shapewear. After all, shapewear can’t do you any favours if it is so uncomfortable you don’t wear it! The thing to look for is high quality lycra and soft but powerful elasticity. Good shapewear should be soft all over, and not have heavy seaming or be made of thick fabric.

2. Tight in all the right places

Shapewear should function like 6 months of exercise in one garment. This means it needs to be firm where you need it, and have some give in other spots. For example, some shapewear slips are elasticised over the bust, giving a flattening effect. Under bust styles are better and let your bra do the work it was intended to do without interference.  Similarly, some thigh shapers are heavily elasticised at the edges of each leg, giving you a visible line under your trousers which completely defeats the purpose of wearing it in the first place!

3. Breathable

Good shapewear has fabric that doesn’t make you feel like you are slowly being roasted. Extra perspiration is not the look we are going for in our silky summer frocks! Of particular importance in shapwear briefs and thigh shapers is a breathable gusset  - you don’t want your gusset suffocating - oh Lawdy no!

4. Gravity defying

Good quality shapewear needs to stay in place. If you are wearing a thigh or waist shaper, it needs to have silicone stripping inside the waistband to stop it riding up as you cha-cha-cha all night. However slips should have some give towards the hem so they don’t ride up when you walk or dance.

5. Catering to all body types

A good shapewear brand will cover the needs of all body types - pears, apples, and those who just need a little more firmness on their derriere; and also cater for those who need thigh and waist firmness combined. They should also be available in both slip and pants formats.

And so, armed with this info you can go forth confidently to pick the shapewear that will work for you. Get those silky dresses out!

RECOMMENDATION: Shape Secrets is the only brand we’ve tried that fulfills all these requirements, and believe me, we've tried them all! And because we’re Missy gals, we LOVE that they are very affordable too! Individual pieces range between $29 - $54. They also offer value packs with multiple pieces. Available online, you can try Shape Secrets pieces and exchange them if they are not the right size.

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