How to never wear the same outfit twice
Canny tips and tricks for that “brand-new outfit” glow, every time...

Jan 11, 2013 03:30
by Emily Kemp

Do you hate wearing the same outfit twice but perhaps don’t have the budget to actually live out that dream? Sometimes it’s not the clothes (we love everything we buy right?) but we just want that brand new spark with whatever we wear.

The trick is to have the following items in mainly neutral shades to mix with all the crazy and colourful pieces you just can’t resist.

Skirts: whatever your preference; tight and short; pencil or maxi, this item has transformative qualities! If you’re tired of or have worn all your dresses, slip a skirt over it to make it into a top. Enjoy your friends’ surprise when they go “that’s a dress?!”

Vests: excellent for layering. Denim on the top half is back in and denim vests go great over maxi dresses. Button up tank tops (with or without collars) also work well as a vest. Wear them unbuttoned over a dress and cinch with a belt (use this concept with cardigans in winter); or over a dress or tank top and pants and tie the loose ends together for a casual look.

Sheer tops: they give a hint of skin and are perfect layered over colour. Wear over buttoned up collared tops. Or: over a maxi dresses. Adds warmth and is kinda bo-ho (in a good way); over a jumpsuit. Focuses on the design of the jumpsuit’s lower half.

Sarong-size scarves: Learn how to tie these flirty fabrics into all types of contortions and they’ll be your favourite accessory and teh foundation of a versatile travel wardrobe.

How you tuck it: Not so much an item as how you wear your items. Tucking shirt ends in gives the body shape and is a clean look. Floaty tops that hang loose are cool and casual. Tuck in at the front and let the sides and back out for a polished look.

So there you go, get experimental and start with what you have to make a whole new look! 

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