11 gifts for dad my kids think are cool
Don't leave it to the last minute, buy something absurd on Etsy and be done with it!


Aug 15, 2014 10:16
by Missy

Yes yes yes, he wants a powertool, but seriously will he use it? Okay, maybe he will. But geez, who has time to get to the hardware store? You do? Fair enough. Okay, I could do a round up of tools for you, but check the mailbox, there's sure to be a catalogue there by now.

Listen, between you and I, let's just say men are just too hard to please. So save yourself the worry, and go for the jocular, have a crack!  I've done all the hard work for you, so without further adieu, here are the 11 ideas the kids assured me are totally cool gifts, and alll from Etsy of course. 

1. Driftwood Docking Station, mad eh? 

2. Minecraft Inspired Two Tone Pixelated Sunglasses (okay, maybe these are actually for the kids)

3. Edison Desk Light - Very cool.

4. Beer Coffee Mug - Shhh... There's Beer In Here - a joke every day!

5. Handpainted Vans - too cool for school. 

6. Vintage shoes shine brush - for the ''old school ', school shoe polishing, kind of dad.

7. I plucking love you - who says romance is dead once the kids arrive?

8. Pencil desk holder - I can imagine the arguments already.

9. Los Pollos Hermanos tee - No my kids don't watch Breaking Bad! 

10. Spooky Don't Blink Tee - Crack up or what? Oh the good times ahead.

11. Fox Nebula Galaxy Phone Case - outaspace!

 I hope I saved you some time, by the way - if you found anything better on Etsy, let me know!


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