12 bags we’re smitten with this summer
Need some new arm candy? Here are some totes sweet carryalls and clutches for your collection.

Dec 17, 2013 04:07
by Natasha Saroca

What fashion rules do you enjoy breaking? Here at Missy Confidential, we’re quite partial to clashing patterns and prints, wearing blue and green (with no colour in between, of course), and rocking sequins while the sun’s still up, but if there’s one rule we LOVE to rebel against, it’s the age-old adage ‘less is more’...especially when it comes to our handbag collection.

Okay, so just to clarify, we’re not saying you should sling several bags over your arm at once or invest in an oversized, embellished-to-the-max carryall, but rather when it comes to the number of bags in one’s collection, the more the merrier.

Summer may have just started, but we’ve already spied several (dozen) bags that we – and probably you – wouldn’t mind toting around this season. Expect to see lots of electric colour, shimmering metallics, backpacks, floral prints, colour-blocking, embellishments such as tassels and studs, plus intricate detailing like laser cut-outs. And, of course, there are bucketloads of fun beach bags to chose from, as well as classic designs that will serve you well this summer and in the seasons to follow.

Here, we’ve rounded up 12 totes, crossbodies and clutches that you may be tempted to add to your collection. We dare you not to get carried away...


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