15 back-to-work dresses you’ll want to work 24/7
Shake up your wardrobe with these office-appropriate frocks for the new year (and the new you!)...

Natasha Saroca

Jan 27, 2014 12:58
by Natasha Saroca

Okay, we know you’ve been putting it off, but it’s crunch time. That’s right, it’s time to bring us up to speed on the status of your New Year’s resolutions. Are you still going strong or are you off to a shaky start?

Well, if your resolutions are things like ‘save money’ and ‘get fit’, unfortunately we don’t really have any groundbreaking advice to share (actually, we vote that you save money and burn calories at the same time by hitting the shops during the sales, but hey, that’s just us). If, however, your goal is to give yourself a new look for the new year, now that we can help you with!

The easiest way to reinvent your look is to overhaul your work wardrobe first. After all, since you spend a fair chunk of your time on the clock, you’ll quickly get in the habit of stepping out of your closet comfort zone, and soon it’ll become second nature to take sartorial chances every day of the week.

Step 1 is to clean out your wardrobe. Keep the pieces you love, and that make you look and feel great. Toss anything that doesn’t fit properly, is dated or you find mediocre – you know, those items that you don’t particularly care about either way, but have somehow became a work-week staple.

Now it’s time to shop. You can approach this one of two ways: If you’re going for maximum makeover impact, go big or go home. For example, if your closet currently consists of black, black and...you got it...black, replace your old ebony threads with pieces in punchy palettes, loud embellishments and out-there patterns.

Or if you would prefer your transformation to be a tad more subtle, look for items in your signature style but push the boundaries a little. So, instead of swapping your all-black wardrobe for one that’s full of electric colour, why not mix things up with some monochrome pieces or apparel with pops of colour or patterned panels. From here, you can gradually fill your wardrobe with bolder and brighter wears.

We’ve handpicked 15 dresses that are perfect for those who wish to unveil their new-and-improved look at the office. The best bit? These new-season beauties are not only right on the money for work, but they’ll easily slot into your everyday or special occasion wardrobe, too!


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