The Secret Curl Trick You Need To Know
I had the opportunity to try VS Sassoon’s new Secret Curl pop up rollers and I was impressed, to say the least.

May 26, 2015 12:25
by Katie

Until this day I have gone through life with envy, insanely jealous of women who can master perfect curls.

I am the kind of girl who wears her hair straight every day (or in a messy bun on the days where I can’t be bothered with the straightener) not because I like the look but because I have never been able to curl my hair.

By “never been able to” I mean that I literally fail every single time that I have tried to curl it, and try I have done.

I have tried old-fashioned rollers, which created a bird’s nest on my head, I tried a curling wand but I was too afraid that I would burn my hair off so I ended up with half curls and I don’t even want to talk about what happened when I tried to curl it with the straightener… it was a disaster.

After years of trying, I conceded that I would just have to live with my jealousy and remain a straight-haired girl forever.

I happily lived this way for years, until just last week, when I had the opportunity to try VS Sassoon’s newest product ‘Secret Curl’ silicone pop up rollers.

It promised to be easy to use, safe for your hair and conveniently hands free - what more could you want in a hair curling product, right?

So I got my hands on one and gave it a try.

I am not going to lie, I was a little scared when I got it out of the box and plugged it into the wall, afraid that I was going to be disappointed once again.

But I look back now, with my luscious curls, and laugh in the face of my fears – I think I have found the product I was looking for!

You get 12 rollers (in two different sizes) and an almost futuristic looking dock to keep them in.

You simply plug the product into the wall and wait for the rollers to heat up.

Once they’re done, you take each roller out of the dock and simply wrap a selection of hair around it and then pop it shut.

Then you repeat, rolling and popping until all your hair is all rolled up and you’re free to do whatever you please for 10 minutes (or longer if you want a tighter curl) while you wait for them to cool. 

The process was so easy, I didn’t burn myself and I had an excuse to sit down and watch an episode of Sex and the City.

I left them in for a little longer than recommended – I wanted to give my curls all the chance in the world to be successful – before I simply popped open the rollers and out came my curls.

I kid you not, I felt like I had walked out of a salon, especially considering how shiny my hair was – apparently it’s the silicone that has this effect.

I had bouncy, soft curls that didn’t look too ‘done’ or fake and with a touch of hairspray I felt like I could take on the world.


RRP$99.95. Shop the product exclusively at Shaver Shop and for more information head to the VS Sassoon website


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