Biker Boots
How to add a little grunge to your winter wardrobe...

Jun 03, 2013 10:37
by Cailtin Reid

Jessica Alba is one of a handful of celebs who know how to rock edgy winter style. Forget the pretty pointed boots of the past, this year, punky biker boots give attitude to winter dressing. The best news? They’re comfortable, cool, and help good girls look a little tough. Beware! These bold boots can dominate your ensemble, so careful pairing is essential!

Let your biker boots add a flourish of brash boldness to colourful outfits. The winter blues can see us reaching for black, on black, with grey, and more black. Fight the urge to match the stormy skies, and choose bright, exciting colours! Finish the look with edgy biker boots. The result is a bold statement to shun the drab, and favour edgy confidence with a touch of in your face attitude. Thats a winter win!

Biker boots with sweetheart styling? Why not! Girly winter dresses look sugary sweet, but paired with biker boots? Thats tough girl chic. Wear biker boots with shift and tunic dresses to channel a grungy mod look. Best to shy away from biker boots with cinched waisted, 50s-style dresses. The contrast is so huge, it doesn’t quite come off right. The key to the biker boot and dress look? Look to styles that remain moderately slim to the calf to avoid looking like you’re wearing fancy gumboots.

The biker trend can be tricky. True to their name, biker boots are inspired by motor heads, intended for durability and toughness. Unless you’re going cruising on a Harley, avoid getting drowned by leather and studs. Embrace the biker trend with just one statement piece. Keep your studded biker boots, black leather jacket, and tote separate to enhance, rather than overrun your style.

Biker boots are bold, brash and confident. Embellished styles with buckles, toughened leather and silver studs really help you embrace the grungy attitude of these statement boots. Mix it up, and challenge the styling of you existing wardrobe. Let these boots give you a bold confidence to help you face the chilly winter head on.

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