Five minutes with: Monica Schnieper of Pelle
We caught up with Monica and asked the big question - when ARE you expecting the next Chanel pumps in store?


Aug 13, 2014 04:28
by Missy

Meet Monican of Pelle

Monica Schnieper is the well-heeled brains behind one of our favourite haunts for designer shoes, Pelle Recycled Shoe Store. Specialising in upscale designer womens recycled footwear and accessories, this secret haven is the place to buy covetable brands including Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Prada - all preloved and ready to wear.  We caught Monica to talk about just how these designer shoes come to live such long and loved lives. 

Pelle Store

What's your background, and why did you open the store?

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland. My apprenticeship as a shoemaker/shoe repairer with Bally laid the foundation for my interest in shoes.  My love for all things second hand started as a young girl when my grandmother opened my eyes to finding treasures of the past of great, enduring qualities.  As I grew older, I became environmentally conscious and recycling became a priority. Three decades later the shop was born, combining my love of shoes and recycling.

Can you tell us about your customers, what makes them special?

They appreciate good quality, love to discover new treasures and like getting value for money. Some of my customers have become my friends. Shoes and recycling bring an interesting mix of people together. 

 shoes in store

What is the most common reason women resell shoes and bags?

Mainly fashion turnaround – fast changing fashion trends make it easier for clients to let go of items and replace them with the most recent on the market. One of the most common reasons women resell is practicality; the lack of space in their wardrobe, downsizing or simply clearing out pieces no longer used. Also, it is common to find that online shoe purchases don’t always fit and if they are not returned on time, give my clients a reason to resell. Rather than giving their purchase away, they are turning it into cash.

Pelle Shop story

What brands do you sell most of... or what to find more of?

I sell mostly high-end designer brands, which are current, popular and desirable.  Chanel, of course, is on the top of the list and always walks in and out of the shop like hotcakes.  We could easily have more of the label lsabel Marant, if only I had a magic wand.  Every week another client is added to our request list for this label.

Pelle Shop story

Why do designer brands like those you resell last so much longer?

Designer brands have enduring craftsmanship and high quality base materials. When you design a beautiful shoe or bag, the intention is to create a piece of art to last, an object of desire.

Why do designer brands like those you resell last so much longer?

- Find a good cobbler in your area, wear in any new or pre-loved shoes, then have the cobbler add a rubber sole. The shoe has to be molded to your foot first.  If a sole is being added to a delicate pair of Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin the sole will not flex and could be either become too heavy for the design or too stiff.

- Before the rainy season starts it’s important to re-spray your leather and suede shoes and bags to protect them from the weather.  

- Check your shoes every 6-8 weeks to see if they need a new heel or sole and give it a good clean on the inside with leather quick wipes. 

- Store your shoes and bags in a dry place and never store them in plastic.

- If you don’t use your shoes for a while put shoetrees in the shoes and stuffing in your handbags and store them in their boxes or dust bags to keep their shape.

- Try to rotate your shoes and bags to air them to make them last longer.

- Leather goods can last a very long time if you treat them decently and take proper care.

Pelle Winter
Pelle Shop story

Can you share the most fun moment you've had in store?

About 10 years ago, an Australian Fashion Designer consigned a couple of pairs of shoes. It didn’t take long to sell them. One pair got snapped up very quickly. I discovered later that the consignee’s sister had bought the shoes!  I have collected a lot of funny stories over the years, unfortunately they are not all suitable for publication.

What do you love most about your business Pelle?

I am very proud of the little shoe Empire I have created. I started with an idea to open up a pre-loved shoe shop and now Pelle is the only consignment shop in Sydney specialising in shoes. Dealing with so many people on a daily basis has taught me many life lessons and makes working in my shop very colorful and interesting. I often feel like I am a psychiatrist for matters of the sole! 

Pelle Shop story


Last question, what have you got in a size 38 heel at the mo?!

Nicholas Kirkwood tri-tone snakeskin and navy suede pointy pumps (originally from Harvey Nichols), Emilio Pucci printed cut-out marine satin open-toe pumps and Jimmy Choo patent turquoise pumps. Do I have to mention the Chanel’s? 

Great to meet you Monica! Let me know when those Chanels come in (wink wink!)


Find the store or shop online

Pelle Store: 90 William Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021, Australia


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