Have you been good all year?
Being good ALL year is hard work, but surely we can find a worthy recipient for this gorgeous DJs hamper? Surely?!

Dec 07, 2013 12:04
by Missy

Getting through the year with a clean score-card is tricky.  There are family to cope with, clients to deal with, indecisive bosses to tolerate, and we haven't even started on the in-laws...

When David Jones sent a Christmas hamper to the Missy office, we went into town to see if we could find someone who truly deserved this colourful box of treats. We asked two questions to size up the contenders... "Have you been good all year?", and two, "Do you deserve this hamper, or would you give it away?"

We found a greedy lot of buggers, but finally, one thoughtful citizen had a good idea!

Dave - have you been good all year? "Yes, always!"  “I'd give it to one of my customers - that bloke right there!"

Tom – have you been good all year? "Um, no". "I'd give the hamper to my wife Nicky, she's been good all year.”

Peter – have you been good all year? "Yes, I think so" “I think I'd keep it to share with my mates at the post office.”

Loci – have you been good all year? "Yes!" “Um, I'd give it to me. Did you know, in fact, I could make it magically be mine anyway!”

Lou – have you been good all year? "Yes! I have!" “I'd keep it and eat it all for myself, but I might share some with my brother Nac.”

Raphael – have you been good all year? "Knock Knock!” “Milkshake please.”

Kellie – have you been good all year? “Well, most of the year!” “Who would I give it to? Mmmm, definitely NOT the kids!”

Jackie – have you been good all year? “Yes!” “I'd probably give it to my kids, Indi and Loki.”

Ruth – have you been good all year? “I think so!” “I'd give it to my colleague, his mum just lost her house in the bushfires, and he's been busy trying to help her get settled and planning to help her rebuild.. he has 8 kids who'd love them!”

BINGO! Thanks Ruth, great answer!

Ruth promised she'd deliver the hamper for us, thanks DJs! Check out the hampers at shop.davidjones.com.au




To enter, answer this question in the comments on this page:

"Who would you like to give a gorgeous DJS hamper to this Christmas, and why."

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