How to dress for a job interview
Graduate or career change, it pays to have the right pieces on hand.

Aug 19, 2013 09:17
by Georgia Leaker

Job hunting is a pain in the kicker, but when you finally score that magical interview, it’s important to look the part. But when you’re a recent graduate or are living on a budget, you can’t be splurging on a new outfit for every kind of workplace setting you might interview in – so what do you do?

Walking the line between old-school corporate and the newer casual business places is a real doozy, and sometimes, despite all the research you’ve done, it’s often still hard to tell exactly what you should wear to ensure the interviewer gets the right first impression. You should have one outfit that you can put on and know that, regardless of the office place you walk into, you’ll look smart, presentable and a little sassy. Because we think even your work life is too short for a boring, black suit...

So here’s our guide to interview outfits for both graduates and workers seeking new employment.

The recent graduate interview outfit

We’ve all been that girl – you’ve just graduated, got a few job interviews lined up and not a whole lot of dosh in the bank to spare for that perfect outfit. It’s easy to show up in a black pencil skirt, but you want them to remember you so don’t be afraid of a little colour or print. Remember, it’s worth buying the best quality you can – because these will eventually become work place staples, once you’ve scored that elusive entry level role. Take a print dress or skirt and match it with black blazer, tights and shoes and you'll have a look that shows some personality, but still works for work.

The career change interview outfit

You’ve been working for a few years now, your resume speaks for itself but it’s time for a change. You might not have interviewed in a while and you want to look fresh in front of your potential new employers. Don’t be afraid of a pop of colour or a statement jacket. You already know you’re qualified and your personality is memorable, but a distinct look will help embed an image of you in their minds when it comes to making their decision. This is an opportunity for you to splurge on some investment pieces - all in the name of getting the job, right? Now would be a good time to get a new handbag or perhaps another accessory that can lift a LBD or plain skirt + blouse combo.

What are your choices for interveiw outfits that seal the deal?




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