How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe
Take a virtual red pen to your closet and X out the clutter...so you can make room for flirty spring finds!

Sep 10, 2013 12:47
by Natasha Saroca

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means: it’s time to clean out your wardrobe (and the rest of your home, too). We know, it can be tough building up the motivation to tackle this often time-consuming chore, but once you’re done and have stepped back to admire your carefully curated spring closet, you’ll realise that all your hard work (and the pain of parting ways with old favourites) was worth it.

Spring cleaning your closet is important for three reasons: so you can a) pack those bulky winter wares away to make your storage space more manageable; b) take an inventory of what you have and what you need; and c) ditch old, daggy threads or impulse buys that you now wouldn’t dream of wearing.

So, what pieces do we think you’ll be needing this season? Here’s our guide to what you should keep, stow and snag for the warmer months ahead.


1. Geometric prints: Our love affair with striking shapes hasn’t waned this season. It’s safe to say you should put any geometric goodies back in your wardrobe.

2. Metallics: Rose gold and copper will be particularly popular this spring, as will shimmering shades of pink, tangerine and teal.

3. Leather: Does it ever go out of fashion? The short answer is no. While leather finds in black and white are wardrobe staples, why not experiment with pieces in a flirty spring palette?

4. Sports luxe styling: You don’t have to be an athlete to nail killer sporty style. Don’t stow your racer-backs, bomber jackets, crop tops, sneakers and running shorts away just yet.

5. Chunky chains: Gold is where it’s at this season (though, when is it not?), but expect to see silver, two-tone, white, black and the odd-coloured design on the streets.

6. Monochrome: It’s a classic. Nuff said.

7. Ankle booties: Don’t pack all of your boots away – keep those ankle-skimming beauties out to play.


8. Winter tones. Replace with: sun-kissed shades for spring and summer.

9. Cold-weather coats. Replace with: cooler cover-alls – like anaroks, parkas and blazers – in lighter fabrics.

10. Heavy textures: Replace with: soft, floaty fabrics. Pieces that are sheer from top to toe, or feature peek-a-boo panels, will be oh-so-hot (or cool?) during the warmer months ahead.


11. Cut-outs: If you shied away from fashion with strategically placed laser cuts-outs during winter, now’s the time to try this trend.

12. Midi lengths: While we love thigh-skimming hemlines, this season is a celebration of the demure midi dress and skirt.

13. Preppy style: It’s ladylike, with a dash of American Ivy League and British high-society style. Pleated skirts, Oxford shirts, vests, blazers, cardis and polished shoes – like brogues or loafers – are the preppy girl’s go-to pieces.

14. Plaid and checks: All the cool kids will be embracing checks and plaid this spring and summer. You should too.

15. Cropped everything: Cropped tops, pants and jackets started creeping up on us earlier this year. With the warmer weather finally here, you can’t escape this trend any longer.

16. Clogs: Didn’t think you’d see clogs back on the hot-list so soon, did you? Well, they’re back. In a big way.


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