Samsung Galaxy Note II
The skinny phone with the big screen that works the same way that you think…

Jan 10, 2013 10:21
by Sally Creagh

Are you a multi-tasker? Wish you could have some of the features of a tablet on the go but don’t want to lug one around? Want to get more out of your mobile phone? Well, your prayers have been answered. Check out the Galaxy Note II from Samsung.

Samsung has released a large screen smart phone that will be a godsend to artists, creative or business workers, or even just your average bunch of note-taking, internet addicted scribblers like us.

Kind of like an electronic Moleskin journal, this phone allows you to jot down ideas in your handwriting; and to sketch, capture, collect, adapt and change images quickly. The larger screen and option of the S pen stylus means rather than typing out a note, thought or inspiration in text, you can quickly sketch mind maps, notes pictures and more.

This mini-tablet/phone is helpful for anyone who wants to quickly get ideas out of their head and recorded, only with this tool, it’s done with the ease of using paper and pen, but can instantly be converted into an electronic file.

Some of the many nifty features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II include:

1.Big screen - The 5.5” HD Super AMOLED display is expansive, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, just like the movie screen, so it handles video and movies with ease. The larger screen also means that reading from some sites that have not yet been optimised for mobile devices, is less fiddly and typing by hand is easier (and at last, numbers have their own line!)

2.Multiview – The larger screen creates the room for the Multiview feature, which lets you have two apps running in split-screen at the same time. Multiview mode is that illusive bridge between the phone and the laptop that you intuitively wanted but didn’t realise how much until you got it! And all this in the size of something that still, miraculously, fits in your hand or pocket. But despite the generous screen size, this baby is thin. Think Keira Knightly thin.

3.FREE Voice-guided navigation by NAVIGON with turn-by-turn directions and pre-loaded AU / NZ maps. Never get lost looking for that backstreet dive again!

4.S pen stylus - Quickly outline and crop any content on the screen in whatever shape to save, share or paste using the S Pen stylus. This is a cool utility for the organised fashion-loving gal. Browsing a fashion site and hit with inspiration? With the S pen stylus you can lasso that pair of shoes, that handbag, those pants and put them in your scrapbook for outfit planning later. While the S pen stylus can draw, write or can be used to peck at the keyboard, its use is entirely optional. Everything can be done with your fingers too.

5.Cool photo feature “Best Face” – If you take a series of photos of your friends in rapid succession, you can scroll through, identify the best look for each person, and cut and paste each face on to one photo – meaning everyone looks their best and everyone's happy. Now who wouldn’t like that? The editable BFF selfie! Boy this is really going to help a lot of friendships...

Top all this off with excellent battery life and you’ve got a phone that really punches above it’s weight (I already said it was thin didn’t I?).

 For more info: Click Here.


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