Shop the look: Ruby Jean Wilson
Ruby Jean Wilson is Factory Girl Circa Now

Jan 28, 2013 09:31
by Hannah Ongley

It wasn’t just pants that Australian model Ruby Jean Wilson was missing when she opened Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week. She was also devoid of pretty much all of her hair, chopping it off just above her ears after having it bleached to a matte platinum blonde.

As far as “don’t do this at home” beauty treatments go, this hairstyle probably ranks just slightly behind DIY Botox, but there are other ways to get the Factory Girl look without signing up for weeks of tears and expensive protein treatments.

One of the most striking things about Ruby’s Marc Jacobs look was her heavily penciled eyebrows. The woolier the better — think somewhere in between Cara Delevingne and Burt Reynolds circa Deliverance — and choose a brow pencil at least six shades darker than your hair tone.

Mascara should be applied with the same ‘more is more’ principle firmly in mind, with lips kept matte and pale.

Below the neckline it’s all about trippy monochrome prints in checkerboard and razor-sharp stripes. Ruby’s simple white t-shirt and t-bar ballet flats ensemblewas one of the best looks on the runway purely because of its iconic simplicity, the amphetamine logic of the Factory years summed up in one just-rolled-out-of-bed outfit. Though since it’s 2013 and even leggings don’t qualify as pants, floor length stripes and checkered patent skirts are equally superstar. If the print makes your eyes hurt, you’re on the mark.


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