Sneaker style: The trend everyone’s trying
16 cool, comfy and casual kicks you can actually get away with wearing 24/7…

Natasha Saroca

Apr 21, 2014 05:22
by Natasha Saroca

It’s a trend we certainly didn’t see coming: sneakers worn with pretty much everything, from fun,
flirty frocks to tailored pants-and-blazer combos. Sure, sports luxe has been a recurring theme on
the runway for the past few seasons, but this latest twist on the popular look takes things to the
next level.

Mind you, we’re not complaining. While we don’t mind (fine, sometimes we do) slipping on the odd
pair of heels for work or those special occasions, we’re pretty pumped there’s another (and even
comfier) alternative to good ol’ ballet flats that we can get around in. And we’re not just talking
about Converse or Van-style sneakers here, but those I’m-a-gym-junkie-or-serious-team-sports-
player type of trainers/joggers/runners/whatever you want to call them, which means you can wear
them to the office (if you’re game), go straight to the gym and then out to dinner or drinks.
Convenient, no?

Does this fashion fad have you stumped? It took us a while to get our heads around it, but once you
see this season’s latest offering of sneakers — if you don’t trust us, just check out the cool, colourful
kicks we found — you’ll see why we think this trend might actually be a winner.

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