Swimwear for your skin tone
Baring all at the beach is made easier when you rock colours that are complimentary to your skin...

Nov 25, 2013 05:56
by Caitlin Reid

It’s summertime! Which also means it’s time for togs, swimmers, bathers or bikinis! Most of us can’t help feeling a little scared of baring it all on the beach after a long winter. Fear not! From fair maiden Kirsten Dunst to Asian beauty Maggie Q, the stars know their swimwear can enhance their unique skin tones.

Fair beauties are often restricted when it comes to colour for style recommendations, but no more! Ditch the fake tan and anti-porcelain skin stigma, and highlight your milky white complexion with solid black swimwear. Think yin and yang, black and white look good together...remember that.

Mocha skinned maidens, do as Halle Berry does. This beautiful bombshell complements her skin tone with oranges and deep corals. Wear a range of autumnal hues, or combine them all in super graphic swimmers.

Sun kissed blondies can look great in florals and pastels that leave other skin tones looking washed out. Take a leaf out of model Jessica Hart's beachside playbook and rock a pink bikini or delicate floral to compliment your natural glow.

Olive skinned goddesses, like Aussie Megan Gale, look best in busy, bright, multi coloured pieces. Dream up every colour of the rainbow, then combine them all into one exciting piece of fabric - your swimsuit. Try frills, try cutouts, rock the retro style with high waisted bikini bottoms. But! Avoid huge clashes between large scale prints eg. Paisley vs. checkered...that’s pushing the clash a bit far!

Beauties with yellow skin undertones, look to knockout Maggie Q for swimwear style tips. What will you learn? Rock red, red, and more red! Expand on this and explore other jewel tones - sapphire blue and diamond white can look great on this skin tone too.

Swimwear shopping can be fun! Forget the fear of the changing room, and choose beautiful swimwear to complement your skin tone!

What colour swimwear will you try this summer?


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