Faux Fur: Winter's Hottest Look
Make like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller & Jess Hart and rug up in faux fur this winter...

Jun 14, 2013 02:11
by Caitlin Reid

The days are shorter, it's getting chilly! So how do you stay chic in the icy outdoors? The answer is fur, faux, of course! Ditch the duvet and snuggle up under a warm, elegant faux fur coat. Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, they all know how fine a great fuzzy coat looks.

Luckily, this year, fur is back in mainstream fashion, meaning faux options are the most realistic they’ve ever been. Forget muppet looking faux, fake fur options keep you looking luxe and feeling warm this year, while ensuring a clear conscience.

When it comes to faux fur, go all out or add just a sprinkle to your winter wardrobe. Full faux fur coats are a cozy option for the coldest days. They’ll keep you toasty warm, and are ideal for those who hate layering. Throw your coat over a t-shirt for instantly alluring glamour. For nights out, add some bling to your faux. You’ll feel like a silver screen siren, dripping opulent elegance.

If it's a coat you’re after, but only crave a touch of faux, look for faux fur collars or mini-boleros.

The fur vest is another all weather faux fur option. On mild winter days, throw your vest over a dress for a touch of warmth and a snap of flashy fashion. When it's colder, layer up, and wear your vest over jumpers, knits, and long sleeve tops.

For a sleek, sexy silhouette, snap a belt around your waist, right over your soft, silky faux.

If it's colour you crave, look for deep jewel tones, as the dye clings to the fibres for longer lasting brightness. This season’s faux furs come in hundreds of styles and a rainbow of hues. Choose higher quality faux for that classic, polished look.

Keep it faux, choose unreal fur for a conscience clear statement piece.

What style of faux are you rocking this winter?

PS. If you want a chance to win a beautiful "Wanderer" faux fur jacket from Unreal Fur, check out our incredible Balenciaga bag plus designer goodies competition: http://bit.ly/ZYHVjk


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