What to wear to a winter wedding
A fashion conundrum, winter wedding attire can be chic while escaping the chill

Jul 15, 2013 02:09
by Caitlin Reid

Your friend is getting married, but wait, it's winter! What will you wear? Wedding attire is almost always spring themed, so what is ceremony-appropriate for winter? Get adventurous, winter wedding style means so much more than cocktail dresses in summery hues.

Chic pant suits, smart overcoats, beautiful blouses and deep jewel tones are ideal winter wedding choices. Heavy brocade fabrics, luscious velvets and dense tweeds add texture, elegance, and warmth to the winter wedding!

Here are some age-based guidelines in case you need help putting together a winter-fabulous wedding guest outfit! 

Age 18-25: Options are endless. If the wedding isn’t overly formal, chic velvet pants paired with a fancy, but demure top are a modern winter option. Bring colour to the guest list, but avoid scene stealing outfits, remember the attention should be on the bride! Try tights with bright dresses, and a warm overcoat in a heavy wool or cotton blend. Velvet dresses are a fun way to integrate winter fabric into the mini dress.

Age 25-35: Keep it light and bright! Try a maxi dress for a fresh take on wedding formal. Elegant pant and blouse combinations in bright hues look chic, appropriate, and will keep you warm in the bitter cold. Short dresses can work, but choose heavy fabrics in jewel tones to complement the season. Layer up with a stylish overcoat in a solid hue (not too dark, remember you’re celebrating!) or try a faux fur jacket for instant glam.

35+: Mid length dresses in wool or embellished fabrics are instantly elegant.  Pant and blouse ensembles in silks and chiffons are a classic style combination. Add a burst of colour with this season’s bold prints in a slim pant cut. Beware not to choose too-brash a pattern, as it will steal attention away from the bride. Rug up with a heavy tweed coat or cape for instant feminine glamour.

What will you wear to your friend’s wedding this winter?


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