White hot
Stop living in fear of tomato sauce stains and get your hands on some white hot fashion this summer.

Jan 22, 2014 01:15
by Georgia Leaker

Clean, crisp, chic... these are all words that come to mind when you think about white garments, yet how many of you shy away from them because you’re afraid that it’ll highlight how pale you are? Or that white will do the opposite of black and make you look wider than you are? Pish posh, this is the summer of ivory and it’s time to take a few fashion risks.

White is forever a classic, it always looks fresh and it goes well with every colour of the rainbow, but rather than being part of the background palette, it’s now front and centre and its versatility means it can be easily taken from office to an evening by the water with very little effort. Plus, it’s actually the perfect colour to show off your summer tan with, as the stark contrast will make you look darker than you are.

White also allows you to play with a wide variety of fabrics and textures that you might otherwise be shy to, creating a subtle depth to simple tops and dresses without being too loud or in your face like bright, pop colours can be.

Think, for instance, of a sweet pussy bow, a laser cut out detail or even some simple ruching: these all look far more subtle, while still having a statement effect, when created in bright white.

Just one last thing: maybe stick to white wine when you’re rocking your new white outfit, because red wine stains are a right pain to get out!


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