Winter wonder tights!
Tights and leggings can make a cool focal point for your whole outfit...

Apr 15, 2013 02:29
by Sarah Gooding

With the arrival of colder days, tights quickly become a staple. But Autumn needn't feel dark when there's a colourful array of tights and leggings at our fingertips (or toes!). While everyone ought to have plain black stockings at the ready, there are colourful, patterned and even textured styles that can transform your look. Some stockings brighten up and modernise skirts and dresses, while others can serve as the focal point of your outfit.

Designs with a versatile black base, such as Henry Holland for Pretty Polly's Super Suspenders or Black Milk's Triangle Gold Leggings, are a great way to set foot on the path to adventurous leg-wear. Seen on everyone from Rihanna to Selena Gomez, the Super Suspenders are having an extended moment - and it's easy to see why. These stockings are an easy way to get the classic pin-up style, and can look demure with a floaty dress or edgy with a leather skirt. Black Milk's Triangle Leggings are another way for you to leg it on the fashion front and can modernise even a basic tee. The Australian designed and made collection also includes Galaxy Leggings, featuring a photo from NASA!

For more dark options that are still scene-stealing look to Leonard St, Shakuhachi, Oroblu or Gipsy for abstract and artistic designs. Wolford's Splash Tights allow you to literally dip your toes into the world of frivilous stockings, but if you'd rather just adorn your knees, Elnaz Niknani's made-to-order Kneepad Tights have hand-sewn beads.

If a splash of colour and pattern is what you're after, Gorman, Pamela Mann and Celeste Stein Missoni tights all showcase bold and bright styles that will take centre stage in your outfit. You also can’t go wrong with House of Holland’s Zig Zag tights for Pretty Polly. But if you really want to brighten your or someone else’s day, Lovely Sally's Le Souris leggings (featuring Mickey Mouse) are bound to bring the smiles.

Which of these tights or leggings would you wear this winter?


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