Meet Carla Santos
Missy reader Carla mixes luxe labels and high street finds for her colourful street smart style.

Jan 16, 2014 01:08
by Missy

blue top bright

This is our fastest shoot yet! What started as a stinking hot Sydney day turned quickly into cyclonic winds and grey skies. It's a good thing Carla is a speedy dresser! And thankfully, her reputation for "always smiling" came through unscathed. What a gal!

So Carla, we know you're mates with the gorgeous Hadis at fashionet.com.au, what is it like having this kind of temptation so close?

"Ha! It is very tempting! Hadis has a wonderful range of beautiful fashion available – with outfits and accessories of very high quality, it is very difficult to resist! But you know, I dont have such a big budget, so while I have picked up some really beautiful pieces from Fashionet.com.au, I do mix it up with more affordable brands too".

hand bag

What are your favourite pieces at the moment? 

"At the moment, I really like my Minty Meets Munt skirt. I like the flowery patterns and I have already gotten lots of good wear out of it. I wear it to work and after work drinks.  I also love my blue flowery maxi dress – I love the patterns, the cut and I do think the dress accentuate my petite figure. I also love bright accessories and bags, this Clutch is by Lauren Merkin, I love the bracelet detail, its so elegant". (Missy's notes ... Carla got her clutch from Fashionet.com.au at it's on sale).

Clutch bag in tangerine

Carla, do you have a style philosophy? Sometimes you mightn't think you do, but what are you drawn to, what do you know works for you?

"As you can see from my clothing selection I’m drawn to flowery patterns. I tend to buy colourful dresses because I think it suits my tanned skin. When I am shopping I am drawn to blue, orange, and green colours in bold shades".

Floral Dress 

Carla, can you share your favourite brands and designers?

"My favourite brand would be A Wear from Ireland. They have good quality dresses for a reasonable price, and a great cut which enhance my petite figure. I lived in Dublin for a year and would sneakily go to this shop every week.  I do still purchase clothes from them online. I brought this floral maxi from A Wear, I love the colours and fitted style".

Pretty Green Dress 

In terms of style influences – who or what inspires your style?

"I adore Audrey Hepburn, her classic, romantic style is so elegant.  But more importantly, Jo, my yoga teacher has been inspirational. She has thought me how to accept my imperfections.  Your imperfections makes you who you are, and by being happy with yourself you become a better person. This sounds a bit clichéd I know, but as I get older, I feel more content with myself. With my new outlook on life I tend to buy clothing which makes me feel good about myself, so I buy a lot of flowery and colourful dresses!"

Cute fashionable girl with dog

again with doggy

We are so glad Panda could make it on the shoot, what breed is she? And does he have an style preferences? Any doggy coats in Winter?

"Panda is a cross border collie, husky and a bit of kelpie, and she’s 3 years old. I did by her a coat once for winter, and she gave me this very annoyed look – "what were you thinking mum!!".  She looked very uncomfortable, and wasn’t her bubbly self so that was the last outfit I ever bought her!" 

Orange dress

Carla, what are your weaknesses when it comes to fashion?

"That's easy! Fashionet – I don’t get out of the Hadis’s office without buying anything. I’m not saying this just because she’s my friend but I really like the clothes designed by Alice by Temperly. I usually catch up with Hadis somewhere far away from her office because I don’t want to get tempted. I'm also a huge fan of markets for picking up handcrafted jewellery."

How would you describe you style in three words?

"Colourful, flowery, feminine".

 Alice Temperly Dress

What investment buys have you made, you know, pieces that might have cost a lot, but you are wearing a lot?

"I bought this gorgeous lace top and georgette from Fashionet,it's an Alice by Temperlym, it cost $250. I know it’s a lot of money but I wear it often. I usually wear it to work with a black pencil skirt and nude shoes. I also wear it with black tight jeans and black boots to contrast the romantic look and it gives it a bit of an edgy look".

Considering your petite frame, are the styles or looks that you stay away from? 

"I stay away from pleated ballooning skirt and all black clothes. They don’t suit me at all." 

Alice by temperley dress


carla santos

What are your favourite outfits for work and play? 

"For work, I love to wear my Alice by Temperly top, with a black pencil skirt and nude shoes. But on the weekend, I am more relaxed, with jeans and a flowery top. I'm also regularly in gym wear as I go to yoga at Body Mind in Surry Hills on the weekends". 




Carla, you have impeccable skin, how do you look after it? Can you share your favourite products? 

"I inherited good genes from my parents and I think I have great skin for a 35 year old gal. (Missy notes - we thought she was in her 20s! damn her!!)  I don’t wear any foundation unless I want my make-up to last longer. I normally just use a cleanser from Clarins, and with make-up I only use a blush and an eyebrow pencil from MAC.  I do get my eyelash extension every two months and they cost me $120. It makes my eyes look bigger and I don’t feel that I need to use any make-up when I have them on. It saves me a lot of time in the morning and I’m ready for work in 15 minutes."

And you favourite haircare products?

"I like to use Coconut oil on my hair and I leave it for 20 mins before having a shower. It gives it an extra shine. I use shampoo and conditioner from Redken".

Finally, Carla, what do you think the way you dress says about you?

"People say I smile a lot… so maybe my clothes brighten up my personality. I hope my clothing says that I’m happy!"

We can't argue with that! Carla smiled all the way through the shoot despite the crazy winds playing havic with Carla's hair and skirts!  A big thank you indeed to Carla for agreeing to be our style subject, and for keeping us smiling all afternoon too.

Big thanks again to the lovely Camille Walsh. If you have a friend you think would be perfect for a style shoot, then send us an email via the contact us page, we'd love to hear from you.

PHOTOS by Camille Walsh

Our HUGE thank-you to Camille Walsh at camillewalshphotography.com.au for these beautiful photos.

Camille Walsh Photography 


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