Meet Carla Tomini Foresti
Any girl that cites Lucille Ball as a style influence you've just got to love! Oh, and did we mention she's working on a book?


Mar 14, 2014 08:22
by Missy



Street style real women photos


Carla, it was a mutual friend who recommended you for a shoot, I think she was most impressed by your shoe collection! Have you always had a thing for designers shoes?

My love of shoes began in 2001 walking the streets of Rome with my mum and I saw these purple snake skin boots ( My favourite colour is purple). I begged my mum for these shoes and she bought them for me. I remember coming home they lost my suitcase in Dubai, and all I could think about was “Please - I don’t care about my clothes! I just want those shoes..!”. So yes, my relationship with shoes will never die!



We heard some of your shoes were found on sale, but not all?!

Yes, some of my shoes were absolute bargains, but the majority of my shoes are impulse buys. I just had to have them. My mother sometimes asks “Do you really need them??”, but she should talk, she is just as bad as me. The shoes that I wear the most have to be my nikes, I have six pairs. I also have a pair of Kmart flats that cost $15, they are so comfortable.. I don't think you always need to spend big to be fashionable.

Are you motivated to shop at sale time for clothing ?

Yes and no, it all depends on what I am looking for. I love sales and I often pick up a great piece on sale. But like I said, I am also an impulse buyer, just the other day I walked past Armani Jeans in Bondi Westfield and saw this amazing red dress and I knew I had to have it. So I bought it.

Street style real women photos

Your skin and complexion is glowing, what products do you use?

I take pride in my face, having worked as a make-up artist I know that caring for your face and skin is very important. The skincare I use is Danne Montague King, this skincare is a must for me, it's known as a natural alternative to botox and acts like facelift.

And your favourite make-up and perfume?

My favourite foundation has to be Make Me Up Forever Foundation HD. But for everyday make-up I use Nude by Nature mineral make-up. For mascara, I love the Dior Iconic Curl - it's stunning, and my lipstick - I love love MAC or Nars in all colours! My favourite perfumes are Cavalli Gucci

Street style real women photos


Street style real women photos

Street style real women photos

What's your favourite place to shop for jewellery?

With my accessories, I don’t wear much, and if I do they are often one-of pieces. But I do like to pick up fresh styles at Diva or Louisa. Half of my costume jewellery is handed down from my mum, plus I have some pieces that I have brought in Europe when I lived there in 6 years ago.

We noticed at the shoot, all our clothes are well kept, everything is so pristine and well cared for.

Yes, caring for my clothes is very important I keep all of my good wear clothes in the dry-cleaning plastic so they are crisp and ready to wear when I need them. My favourite dry cleaner is St George Dry Cleaning at Connells Point Road, South Hurstville. They are efficient quick and always get the job done.

Street style real women photos

Street style real women photos

What are your favourite designers and brands?

Where do I start, how many pages do I get hahahah! I love love Gucci, I always have. At the moment I am digging Constantina & Louise, House of Emmanual, Carla Zampatti, and Michael Kors. I also wear a lot of clothes from Shieke.

You have a collection of beautiful handbags, which is your favourite?

My favourite bag would have to be my Gucci, its big and comfortable and I can fit everything in there.. Its so big I tend to lose things in there also. When looking for a bag I don’t look inside it or see how many pockets it has if it looks nice and it’s a perfect buy.. Yes please!

Street style real women photos

Street style real women photos


Street style real women photos

Can you sum up your style in three words?

Smart, sexy, womanly.

Street style real women photos

quote 5

Street style real women photos

Can you tell us about this purple dress?

The purple dress I designed for my 30th Birthday party, it's a mix up between old school and modern. I chose the colour purple as it's my favourite colour!!

Street style real women photos

Street style real women photos

Nigelle Lawson has become something of a style ambassodor for the humble cardi. As a fellow stylish cook, what item of clothing would you like to be known for?

Oh Nigella! I love her cardi’s - they suit her it’s very English and very posh! For me, cooking is fashion. As a child I loved watching I love Lucy, I loved to see Lucy dressed up cooking dinner, and I wanted to be just like that, in heels cooking dinner. I'd like to be the Ambassador for the cook in heels!

Street style real women photos

Street style real women photos

I have to ask, do you ever slack it and just head out in a trackie?

Would I ever where a trackie?! All the time! I am always decked out in Lorna Jane, as I love their clothes, they are so comfortable not just for the gym, but everyday. My favourite pj’s at the moment have to be my Wizard of Oz pjs, from Peter Alexander love his sleepwear.

Finally Carla, we hear you are working on a book, can you tell us a little about it?

I sure am, the book is about my love story with food, and how I came to where I am, and the people that helped me get here. It's a photographic journal, an unusual format! It's been so exciting working on it, but so much hard work! 

Thank you to Carla for being our real style subject!

PHOTOS by Camille Walsh

Our HUGE thank-you to Camille Walsh at  camillewalshphotography.com.au  for these beautiful photos.

Camille Walsh Photography 


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