Meet Ellie Kennedy
A real woman with style, about to turn 21, Ellie's style is effortlessly chic and unashamedly retro.

Sep 25, 2013 11:22
by Missy, photos by Giarne Wedes.

On the hottest Spring day in probably a millennium, we meet our inaugural Real Women Real Style subject Ellie Kennedy. She's tall in flats, with beautiful skin, and a big lipsticked smile. We've come to her place to reveal her self professed love of all things Vintage. Her apartment is cute as a button, styled with a bright yellow chair (a road side find), a retro style Roberts radio, and a crocheted blanket is draped over an arm chair. A small rack of clothes hangs opposite her bed.

Ellie Kenney loves vintage

Practising the Ukelali!

I ask Ellie why she loves vintage fashion? She gives many reasons... she loves that it's eco-friendly, that the pieces each have a story, and of course, that Vintage is so wonderfully cheap. But as Ellie talks about fashion, she offers more comments on the high quality of the pieces she finds, the great quality fabrics, how they hold their shape, their colour, their style. 

Pretty v-neck dress

On the rack of clothes are an edited selection of favourite pieces that Ellie is wearing now. “I have bags and bags of vintage buys stuffed in my cupboards, but I find when I am into something, I wear in to death, then I let it go, even sell it on. I am always at the markets reselling what I found and am done with. I picked this dress up at a vintage shop, it's the line on the dress that caught my eye. I'm not a fan of body con, I love dresses like this white one, it's perfect. The neckline, the way it skims the body rather than hugging it, it's got a great shape, a great line. I love it".

 Retro style

Vintage buy - sheepskin jacket

quote two

 “When I look at outfits, my eye goes immediately to the cut, to the line, I don't so much see the dress as see the line of it. When I go into a store, I scan the store looking for the right neckline, the right cut, I sometimes don't try things on, I can tell they will be perfect for me. My favourite item right now are these floral Free People overalls, I just love them, I wear them all the time, and I love love love sheepskin jackets, I have a few that I picked up at Opp Shops."

 top By POC designers Melbourne

quote from Ellie Kennedy

Top by POC denime melbourne

My latest fab buy was this denim vest, I am so so into denim - it's by Melbourne designers POK. I love Basikke, they just make the perfect black singlet, with the perfect neckline - I have three of the same. It's the cut I like. I also love Zimmermann. They make dresses that are feminine, flattering classic, but have something special. To me, Zimmermann pieces are not so trendy, I know I won't be tired of them tomorrow".

Vintage style and Cardigan

My friend and I have bought and sold a lot of vintage, we thought if we had a store, we'd love to have a label that had the full story of the piece attached to it on a cute handwritten note. I love wondering “who the hell wore this?”, or “how did this Pierre Balmain cardigan make it to Mordale?”, it's great that these pieces were loved, worn, and then handed on.  

I ask Ellie what her ideal vintage find would be, what's she currently on hunt for? 

“My ideal vintage find would definitely be a vintage playsuit, they are pretty hard to find. I am also on the lookout for big statement jewels, particularly art deco style jewellery. I am always looking for wardrobe staples, great basics – like this great Breton Striped top. If I buy an ''on trend'' item I sell it quickly, I get over it fast".

 Poc jeans detail

"I am loving these crazy up-styled denim overalls. I met the guy that made them at the Bondi markets, he's so macho I kept bothering him because I couldn't believe he really made them! They are so crazy. I love the fit on these!"

On the subject of style heroes, Ellie responds "That's hard to say, I am not such a big follower of other peoples style, but - Michelle Williams, I love her style - she really wears things I love. Other than that, movies inspire me (love Annie Hall!), but not so much bloggers, I am not so interested in what's current or in fashion, I'm just looking for the right lines, the right shape and cut...”

“I love how my mum dressed us kids in the 90s... a little Amish style - lots of overalls, it's like I never wanted to grow up. Mum has kept ALL her clothes, I am enjoying picking through her wardrobe and stealing some pieces.  When I go to NYC again soon, I'll pack this Jill Sander oversized brown coat I picked up from the Frock Exchange in Clovelly."

more details 

earthy natural colours are a favourite

"Colour wise, I love earthy colours, brown and muted tones, I love my RM Williams boots, this cute satchel I found for $2 it's already worn in! 

Bargain find online at Luisa Via Roma


the little black dress a bargain buy!
Ellie's also got an eye for a designer bargain. The above black Alexander Wang dress bought online from Luisa Via Roma was marked down from approximately $800 to just over $200, a huge saving. And it's a total standout piece, and a high quality LBD Ellie has worn many times.

The Chloe Heels in the same picture came out of the cupboard for the photo, but Ellie is planning on selling these soon. They were a bargain sale buy - “I bought them on sale in NYC, but I am really not a high-heel girl, so I'll probably sell them soon.”

Skull necklace from Mexico

This is a favourite necklace now (she handles the skulls around her neck) - I picked it up in Mexico. 

Free People pantsuits are a favourite

quote from Ellie Kennedy 

Ellie says her favourite style haunts include any country Vinnies store. But also, she loves Box Vintage in Brisbane, “I sometimes buy things rom them on Instagram.” Ellie also loves to One Knoffs in Randwick, “I used to go to Newtown, but it all started looking the same to me”. And loves Tuesday Vintage. The overalls above are her current favourates from Free People "I live in them!."

Ellie is currently working on a project with a bunch of people called 'south & salvaged' - its basically re-imagined vintage furniture. You can follow what they are up to on instagram is @southandsalvaged

Our very warm thanks to the lovely Ellie Kennedy for welcoming us into her home, and spending time talking style! And to Lucky the Skull for rallying himself after a big night and joining in the shoot. He really was patient.

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Giarne Wedes Stylist     

Photography & styling by
Fashion & Celebrity Stylist 
Giarne Wedes of wespeakstyle.com


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