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This girl really knows how to pack! Designer of the Wanderlust + Co jewellery label, Jenn shows off her "when in Melbourne" wardrobe.

Dec 19, 2013 10:07
by Missy

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Jenn Low Jewellery designers

High Heels

Jenn, you share your time between Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, can you share your tips on travelling light and instyle? What do you pack?

"Depending on the time of year, the weather can be quite different, and I do really enjoy having the change in climate.  However, I don’t think it would be fair to categorise me in the light packer category!  I mean... what if I NEED the kitchen sink? Anyway, it’s a lot more fun to pack those sparkly pumps which will come in handy sometime during the week! I generally pack a couple of basics – denim, white tees and a boyfriend blazer. I would then add a few of my favourite things at the moment. I choose items that will layer well with the basics, like coloured shift tops, a bold silk scarf, bright pumps or ballet flats, as well as a printed dress".

And jewellery of course?

"I always pack a stash of jewellery to layer on – statement necklaces, leather wraps and bangles, as well as a little ring party in mixed metals. This always adds just the right amount of sparkle and flash of hardware to outfits, depending on how dressed up or down you need to be."

 Wanderlust and Co jewellery designer

 Wanderlust and co Jewellery

Clutch bag

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How did you get into jewellery design and start your own brand Wanderlust + Co?

"I’ve been working on Wanderlust + Co for close to four years. With a background in fashion merchandising, I’ve worked with apparel, women’s accessories, as well as homewares. When the opportunity presented itself for me to start my own label full time, fashion jewellery just seemed like the most natural choice."

"Accessories are small, simple somethings that you can easily add to your daily repertoire without breaking the bank. Plus, jewellery does not discriminate - it doesn't matter how old you are, what size you are, or whether you are seven months pregnant... there is something about a sparkly new find that makes the wearer feel good!"

Girl walking street style Melbourne

As a petite lady, what fashion items do you stay away from, and what do you love?

"I generally shy away from maxis, the length just intimidates me! I love things that are well fitted as the fit makes such a difference when you are petite. I also adore balancing shapes, so a loose top I think goes best with a fitted bottom, and vice versa. Oh! and always heels, for sure!"  

Jenn Low designer melbourne

Textured pants 

Close up sunglasses


Let's talk jewellery – what pieces are in demand from your collection? And what do you predict will be huge for next Autumn Winter?

"During the holidays, all our sparkle pieces do so well. I love the idea of amazing sparkly jewels with Christmas and holiday type outfits, it's so festive! Our customers also seem to love lots of sparkle!  Our petite mixed metals jewellery is eternally popular, I think this trend will continue well into Autumn/ Winter. Each piece has a special symbol or meaning.  You can layer on say the Infinity Ring, with a little Skull Ring, and style that back with the Dream Bracelet – your own little story that can be layered with winter knits." 

rack of clothes


rack of clothes

Jimm Choo shoes

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Do you consciously make choices on clothing based on what will compliment your jewellery?

"I dress depending on how I’m feeling, or what my schedule looks like for the day. Of course I'm a big fan of using accessories to add a pop of bright to whatever outfit I'm wearing for the day, but I generally select a key piece; it could be bright pumps, a bold bag, a new printed silk blouse, statement necklace and so on, and then build the rest of the outfit from there. Oh! and a mixed metal ring party always, just goes with everything!"

Girl reading magazine

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Wanderlust and Co Headquarters Melbourne

Jenn, what are your tips for how you use jewellery to bring an outfit together?

"I think that jewellery has to be personal, and that jewellery looks best when layered. It could be that you are obsessed with teal or emerald gems, so you might want to pick up a well-priced piece with those colours from Wanderlust + Co, and then layer that with a beautiful necklace that you received as a gift from someone special."

"Your 'ring party' could be a mixture of precious pieces from family members, layered with a few edgier studded or chain fashion styles. This way, you will find that the jewellery pieces layer on easily with your daily repertoire. The trick is to add or subtract a piece or two for day or night – I usually have a statement necklace and a few rings stashed in my bag, and add those on to what I’m already wearing if I’m leaving work for dinner. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it’s such an easy way to transition outfits!" 

Watermelon top

Close up clutch bag

Zip skinny jeans

What colours or types of fabrics are you drawn to?

"My ultimate favourite colour would have to be the Wanderlust + Co mint green, and silk just has to be my favourite fabric – just heavenly on the skin. When it comes to colours that I would wear though, my aesthetic is constantly changing, it could be pastels one day, neons the next, and then monochrome after."

Which jewellery items are you wearing and loving yourself?

"It is so incredibly difficult for me to pick as I genuinely love them all. I would say I go through phases and right now, my rings are pretty much permanently attached to my fingers. The different pieces are just so fun, and some are attached to each other with petite chains, which you can layer onto different fingers!". 

Pretty Lady Walking

Jimmy Choo shoes and Celine Bag

Celine bag

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

"Trendy, comfortable, accessories lover (I know that’s 4!)"

What would you wear for dinner out with friends?

"I love the bold coloured top, well-fitted denim, and sky-high heels combo! Plus I add lots and lots of layered jewellery. Depending on how bold the rest of the outfit it, a statement necklace just takes anything from day to night with such ease".

Rooftop style 

quote 5

Jenn, what are your fashion weaknesses? What do you not mind splurging on?

"Apart from jewellery, it has to be shoes and bags. I think I am just such an accessory lover! As for splurges, it has to be anything Valentino or Chanel, for obvious reasons!".

And your cheap thrills fashion wise?

"I adore anything high street. We are in a time where we are so spoiled – something that’s big on the runway is in Zara, Topshop or H&M the next week, at such good prices!"

On the subject of style icons – who or what inspires your style and design aesthetic?

"Someone who mixes high low to perfection - isn't afraid of mixing prints, metals and trends - and pulls it all off with a smile and confidence. Absolutely adore Miroslava Duma, Eva Chen, Miranda Kerr and Taylor Tomasi Hill."

Thank you so much Jenn Low for being our Real Women Real Style subject. If you love Jenn's style and jewellery, you really should check out her label Wanderlust + Co

Thanks to Rebekah Jewell at littleredphotography.com.au 
for these extraordinary photos taken in Melbourne. 

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