Meet Kellie Hammon
Although she quips, "My life is far from glamorous!", Kellie's wardrobe is loaded with killer frocks in every colour.

Dec 01, 2013 12:03
by Missy

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Kellie Hammon is not a girl who shies away from colour. “I guess it's because I am so pale, wearing colour just ensures I don't fade away!”.  While some of us might opt for a pop of colour, or dress in a palette of colours we know suits us, Kellie's wardrobe includes bright coloured dresses - in fire engine red, coral, sapphire, emerald... and she's not afraid to contrast colour either. “Wearing colour makes me feel happy, even if I am wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I'll usually add something bold and colourful”. 


Kellie Hammon

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What shapes do you find irresistible? Are they styles that just work for you?

"Slimline floor length dresses seem to work for me, and I am always drawn to them when shopping. Not too plain, not too fussy, with a bit of detail or ruffles across the chest to add some volume in that area! And I love silk for evening dresses, it drapes so beautifully."


Lady in Green Dress

You have a collection of extraordinary glamorous dresses, does your lifestyle call for this?

"As a full time mum to three young children, 95% of my life is the opposite of glamorous! But my husband's position as Managing Director a large tourist attraction means that there are many functions, awards nights and charity dinners that require either black tie or formal dress. I have also been to five weddings this year, plus an engagement party, and two fancy dinners for my Dad's 60th birthday. It's been a busy year dress wise!" 

Coral Dress



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Tell us about those blue and gold shoes!

"I love them! I first heard about Shoes of Prey about a year ago, a website where you can design your own custom made shoes. Knowing that I had quite a few garden weddings coming up, I decided to design a pair of glamorous wedges. They have blue suede crossover straps across the toes, with a gold glitter wedge heel and ankle strap. Comfortable and fabulous!"

designer evening dress

"I bought the black Alex Perry gown online a few months ago discounted from $1899 to $399. Huge bargain! It fit perfectly, except for a being slightly too long. I had to spend on the alterations, but it was still a great buy!"

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green shoes

Camilla Kaftan

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Has your style changed over the years? How so?

"I think there has been an evolution in my style. Anything short and tight in my late teens, to grunge during my poor uni student days, then following trends to try and look like everyone else during my early 20's, then a bit more boho in my late 20's. Most of the past seven years have been maternity and breastfeeding wear - it can be tricky to make this look stylish - so I started focusing more on accessories like a great scarf, necklace, shoes and handbag. I feel like I'm at the stage now where I can start investing in some good quality, classic clothes that I will wear for the next decade, and on.  Classic with a touch of boho!"

Camilla Kaftan

What do you love to wear during the day when you're not at an event?

"It's all about practicality and comfort during the day, for my motherly duties. Either jeans, a casual shirt and ballet flats, or a casual dress with a cardigan, tights and boots for cooler days. I usually add a scarf or a colourful necklace, plus a fun handbag that's big enough to fit all the bits and pieces I need for the kids."


Can you share with us your best and most recent bargains?

"I bought this gorgeous Camilla Franks kaftan duty free at the airport, it was a bargain - compared to the retail price! The six dresses I bought in NYC were all under $100 (from the photo shoot - the blue dress and the patchwork dress), and the white dress I bought two months ago to wear to my sister-in-laws wedding was on sale from Country Road $150 down to $75".

Kellie in front of painting

Where do you hunt for dresses, any favourite haunts?

"I love to shop on holidays, when I'm relaxed and have time on my hands. I bought the green dress in a boutique in Noosa a few years ago, and the kaftan was a recent purchase en route to Fiji. I was very fortunate to spend a week in New York City earlier this year with a couple of friends. We had such a fun time shopping together, and I picked up quite a few dresses from boutiques around the city, including Soho, as well as some markets in Brooklyn. I would love to go back every year.  I also love to check out Chatswood Chase during the January sales, which is where I picked up the coral Rodeo Show dress and gold belt."

Red dress and telephone

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You've picked a lot of dresses in jewelled colours, what colours are you drawn to when shopping?

"I do love to wear rich colours! With such pale skin, I can look washed out in black, neutral or pale tones. I especially love emerald green and peacock blue."  This red dress, I bought earlier this year, is vintage/second hand Witchery from Mrs Peel in Leura, I think it was only $40."

Leopard shoes

Where do you look for style inspiration? Any favourite blogs or mags?

"Missy Confidential of course! And a friend of mine recently started up inezdaily.com providing style solutions for busy women, which is awesome. I like to read mags such as Real Living for home style inspiration, but a lot of the colours and prints of homewares trends translate to fashion as well."

Glomesh purse

New York Dress

"This dress I bought at Anthropologie this year in New York, and the bag too from Cole Haan, both were on sale!"

White country Road dress

Any favourite designers or brands? What do you have a lot of in your wardrobe...

"I have a lot of Country Road (including this white dress), and Witchery in my day to day wardrobe. I signed up to their member rewards programs and only buy when I can use my discount, or during sales. For a statement dress for a big occasion, it's hard to go past the quality and cut of an Alex Perry dress".  


What do you think motivates you to dress as you do?

"I like to feel comfortable and to look fabulous!"

You have beautiful skin, can you tell us about your favourite products? 

"I'm currently using Dermologica for my skin care regime, though I like to change every few years. Ella Bache is another favourite. I don't wear a lot of makeup - tinted moisturiser with SPF and some lip balm suffices most days - but I do go to Mecca Cosmetica once a year to get my fix of Stila and Nars make-up."

PHOTOS by Camille Walsh

Our HUGE thank-you to Camille Walsh at camillewalshphotography.com.au for these beautiful photos.

Camille Walsh Photography 


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