Meet Krystel Davis
Designer of the IXIAH label, this creative warrior's style is bold, brazen and beautiful...

Oct 28, 2013 06:47
by Missy

 Meet Krsytal - Ixiam designer and founder

Designer of the IXIAH fashion label, Krystel Davis is ready to hit the ground running for our shoot. Dressed for work in IXIAH metallic jeans, black lace top and laced up booties, Krystel tells us “This is really me, what I love to wear, I'm often in pants and boots, and these metallic jeans are current favourites”. 


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Assembling pieces from the current collection, Krystel styles herself by layering tops over dresses, tops over tops, and always adding embelishment by way of an ''over-piece”. An over piece might be a beaded silk collar, a chain vest, a feathered necklace, or a metalic one-piece that is both necklace and belt. 

“When I am designing, I find it hard to think in basics. I'm thinking about embellishment, about the details. I'm not so much a dress girl, I am often dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, or an embellished top with metallic jeans, and always in layers.”  

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"My parents were designers and had their own shop in New Zealand, so in my younger years I guess I was absorbing what was going on around me.  I was recently surprised to compare some of my designs and details to what my parents where doing... like piping in pop colour, and tiny and intricate details, I think I subconsciously inherited my parents eye for detail".

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Kyrstel wears Inscribe shirt, jacket and skirt, all by IXIAH. 


“Actually, I do wear colour!  I often wear it to weddings or other special events, but honestly, I guess I really love black, white and neutrals best. I love the adornment in this range, all the gold jewellery and accessories, I think black and white really set off the metallic embellishments and create a look that is more luxurious".

 work girl

 ixiah 17

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"In highschool, I used to sew and make my own creations. I never really liked anything in stores, so I would buy fabric to make and sew my own pieces. It was a lot of trial and error - but I always got there in the end”.

Krystel wears a ring she designed to compliment the spring collection.

ixiah 20

ixiah 21


“This is my favourite dress this season, with Ostrich feather detail on the skirt. I am wearing it with a top from the new Spring 13 collection, I love the texture in this skirt, they way the Ostrich feathers just want to be touched!”   Krystel wears Garcia Dress and Paraquay Singlet both by IXIAH. 

ixiah 22

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Krystel applies skills acquired earlier in her career, working as a Graphic Designer.  “I design my own prints, beading patterns, I can retouch my own photographic imagery - I know it's been incredibly valuable having an understanding of graphics. I drew the the pattern for this fabric on illustrator as a vector graphic, and then had my fabric maker burn off the negative space to create this unique design.  This print is really me, it's tribal and highly graphic at the same time.” 

Black dress is IXIAH's Elements Silk Maxi worn with silk over-piece.

ixiah 29

Krystel wears this SS13 collection IXIAH's Cabeza skirt made from custom designed sequins. Necklace worn as belt, and bodysuit. The ring is one of Krystel's own designs.

“A large part of designing for me is thinking about texture, this vest, or the winter skirt Lauren is wearing, see the texture in the fabric, the way you want to touch and feel it, it's all part of what makes the pieces special.”  Krystel and colleague Lauren wear pieces from the AW13 collection.


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Final words from Kystel: 

How would you describe your style in 3 words: Strong, vibrant and embellished.

What would you pack to wear to NYC for 5 days?  I would over-pack! I’m all about having options and 5 days in NYC requires a few outfits a day. I would essentially take a few pairs of jeans, a few different dresses, a good blazer, a few stylish tops and a few casual tops too. I would also need heels, boots, flats & accessories - just to name a few. 

What did you wear to the last wedding you attended?  My Entrada Mirror Beaded Bodysuit, and Conquerer Silk Pants along with the Chronicles Mirror Beaded Belt to finish the look.

What are your favourite accessories. "Over-pieces!! Whether it be a chain, a vest or a shoulder over-piece, they are a simple necessity that gives style and edge to any outfit".

If you had time to get to the Melbourne cup, what would you wear? The Belize Sequin Crop with the matching high-waisted Cabeza Sequin Skirt from the latest Spring 13 Collection.

Which 3 items in your wardrobe get the most wear? My jeans, my gold embroidered overpiece and my Acne boots.

What's your view on style? Style goes way beyond fashion; it is an individually distinctive way of putting yourself together. To me, it’s a unique blend of spirit and substance. It is a way of making a statement about ourselves through the clothing we choose to wear and the way in which we wear it.

What do you think well designed clothes can do for women? Exude their personality and give them a strong sense of confidence.

Thanks so much Kystel for giving us your time and insights into your beautiful and bold style.  Find out about the Ixiah label at www.ixiah.com


Giarne Wedes Stylist     

Photography & styling by
Fashion & Celebrity Stylist 
Giarne Wedes of wespeakstyle.com

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