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From Sydney to Bali, Krystle knows where to find great style, just don't ask her how all those designer pieces found their way into her wardrobe!

Jan 16, 2014 02:31
by Missy

 Krystal Knight

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There are probably two things you should know a lot about if you want to launch a successful jewellery label: one is fashion; the other is how to get a brand out in the market.  Krystle Knight is one girl with both of these talents, her label Krystle Knight Jewellery is going gangbusters, and it's only very early days.

Krystle, what is your professional background, and how did you move into jewellery design?

"I worked in media sales for a number of years, but being behind a desk just wasn’t for me. I knew that I wanted to work in fashion, so a friend of mine put me in contact with one of her clients that owned a small fashion agency, and they offered me a position as Brand Manager. Moving from a large company to a small business ensured I learnt every teeny tiny aspect of the fashion industry".

"After 5 years, I had the time to think about what I really wanted, which was to have something that was my own, and also, do something creative. I've always loved jewellery, it seemed the obvious move. My first full samples were created by April 2013, our first delivery into stores was just three months later. Now, our second collection Above the Clouds will be available this month".


Beach style


What's your favourite dressed up for work look at the moment?

"I am pretty lucky these days, as work for me is at home. So, generally, I will be in denim shorts and a singlet (and no shoes!) or gym gear, in the hope that I will either go before work or after work; it normally works I swear!"

We love this jumpsuit, who designed it?

"Shona Joy - I LOVE the shape - the neckline is stunning. This is a piece I have had for a couple of years and I think I will have it forever!"

bondi homes

Where do you love to shop?

"It’s funny, I definitely shop a lot (I see it on my bank statements), however, I don’t feel like I actually go shopping! Tuchuzy in Bondi is always a go-to place for me, or I tend to buy a lot online through retailers in other states across Australia".

And this this outfit? 

"I definitely have a little bit of hippy in me. I really love the crop trend at the moment. It is the perfect summer outfit that can take you into the night. I love that this skirt from Spell Byron has the high splits up either side that makes it a little sexier and fun". 

How do you think living near Bondi influences your style?

"Living by the beach is all about being comfortable and relaxed; yet still being dressed to be able to pop into a bar or local pub and look good.  This is where jewellery really can dress up an outfit. Also, not many Bondi people really wear high heels, so the only time you will find me in heels these days, is if I am heading into town."

Which labels are you wearing a lot of currently?

"I love so many Aussie designers - I live in my One Teaspoon denim shorts & a Bassike tank. Then for a dressier outfit I will be in Bec & Bridge, May, Maurie & Eve or Sass & Bide". 

Jewellery designer at home

"I got this leather crop and leather shorts made in Bali. The leather crop is right on trend and awesome to layer over a basic singlet for something different. This would be a night-time look for me. Yep, still in shorts ;-)".

Studded boots

You've got some pretty funky shoes hidden away, but you do seem to like going barefoot! What shoes do you wear mostly during summer?

"Haha, I have never really been a ‘shoe person’, except I did go through a stage of buying some out there shoes!  I wear a lot of simple outfits, so a statement shoe can be that extra something, a way to accessorise my feet.  When I was living at home at my parents' place, the first thing I would do, would be to take my shoes off, and I guess that habit has stuck. It feels weird to me to be walking around in my home with shoes on, it is so much more relaxing with no shoes. And being a true beach girl, I live in thongs in summer!" 

Street Style

When it comes to jewellery, what's been popular with your customers, which pieces can't they get enough of?

"The Spell Ring, Clarity Ring & the Mini New Beginning Necklace have been really popular. These styles I have repeated and repeated. They are super simple and easy styles that anyone can wear".

Layered jewellery


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What jewellery items are you wearing yourself?

"I always have my Natural Ring on, and a necklace from my new collection (Magic Fine Chain Necklace) and then if I am going out at night or to a meeting, I will put on a wrist cuff and a few more rings. I also wear a handful or bracelets and fine rings that I never take off. I have a Jordy Askill heart ring, Karen Walker Skull ring and my pinkie ring, which used to be my Grandmothers. Around my wrist I have my Cartier love bracelet, a Nicole Fendel Bracelet that says ‘She loves life & it loves her back' (always a nice little reminder), and also a cuff from my new range that I have now added to my wrist collection."

Checking out Kystals Wardrobe

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Can you share your best ever bargain, and your best investment... something you might have paid a bit for but you've worn over and over again?

"Hmm bargain…. isn’t anything a bargain when you get it on sale?!  I recently bought a ksubi top, which I had been lusting over. Just before Christmas I went to try it on and minutes before I walked in, it was put on sale! I was one happy little Christmas shopper".

"My most recent big purchase was an Alexander Wang bag.  It was the most I have ever spent in one go, it freaked me out at the time, but then as soon as I received it, I forgot all about it. I have well and truly got my moniey's worth". 


Would you say your style has changed over the time? What's your philosophy now on what you buy?

"My style has definitely got a lot cleaner, I know my body shape better and I have really grown into what just feels right for me. The older I get, I find myself spending more money on better quality brands and pieces that I know are going to last me longer. Oh... and I am very good at justifying why I need something (this hasn’t changed over time at all!).

Any cheap thrills you want to share?

"Bali is a great place to find some good little bargains if you know where to go and what exactly you are looking for. I find when I come home from Bali I have a colourful wrist full of little hippy bracelets and also some amazing custom made leather pieces". 

mardi gras shoes

Where do you get style inspiration from? Any blogs or magazines that you love?

"I love to people-watch, I could sit and watch people all day. Bondi is a great place for it; the girls have such great style. You will see them mixing crazy expensive overseas brands with local Aussie brands; which really equals the Bondi effortlessly cool look".

"Instagram is also a great way to follow trends and draw inspiration, especially if you are a little time poor. It is also so addictive!! Blogs that I love to check out: Oracle Fox, They All Hate Us, MaidenSydney, Studded Hearts. Instagramers that I am always drawn to are @charcoalalley, @ashtogold, @wolfcubwolfcub, @karissasparke, @mslbingle". 

In the kitchen wearing May the Label

Tropical wear

"If I am heading out at night, at the moment I am wearing a sexier dress but then dressing it down a little, by tying a shirt around the waist. It makes the outfit more me. This dress is from May the Label, I am loving wearing it!"

Black jumpsuit

simple jewellery quot

What are your tips for how you use jewellery to bring an outfit together?

"You can really make an outfit with jewellery by wearing a simple black dress and then laying rings, necklaces or bracelets; it can really make a huge statement and, jewellery can be a great conversation starter. Or if you don’t like to wear a lot of jewellery, even one statement piece can really finish an outfit off".

White layered shirt


White layered wear

Our BIG BIG thanks to Krystle for letting us in to take some pics in your home, we loved meeting you and talking style! Here are some lovely pics Camille Walsh took of the current collection, we hope you enjoy! You can check out the new collection landing soon at Krystle Knight Jewellery 


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PHOTOS by Camille Walsh

Our HUGE thank-you to Camille Walsh at camillewalshphotography.com.au for these beautiful photos.

Camille Walsh Photography 


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