Meet Kylie Pride
She might be dressed for the races, but comfort is always top of mind...

Sep 30, 2013 10:40
by Missy

Meet Kylie Pride, a lady who can justify her dress and hat habit with a seriously legitimate excuse.  Kylie's husband Joe Pride is a horse trainer, and they run the business together. Kylie's job demands that she's at the race track meeting clients regularly. This girl has a walk-in wardrobe jam packed with fabulous Australian designer frocks, there are boxes of fantastic hats, and piles of costume jewellery. Our first issue is wear to start!


You might not be thinking about comfort if you've ever frocked up for the spring racing season, but during the shoot, regular race goer Kylie often referred to her love of comfort when it comes to dresses and shoes. “I've got to be comfortable in what I am wearing, Joe and I are often walking all day. Walking to meet owners, to check on the horses before the race as well as when saddling up the horses. Walking to the horses, we're on our feet all day.”  

Show time!  "This dress pictured above is by Manning Cartell, and this hat is by Tracy Mackinnon, and I bought it during a luncheon at Betina Reith’s (wife of jockey Christian Reith) house". Kylie says this hat's neutral colour ensures it works with a few dresses and gets worn regularly.

Kylie Pride

Just a small selection of the hats from Kylie's collection. Kylie will commission a new hat that might cost up to $700 or more each season. "We wear hats to most race meetings, but probably not so much to mid-week races. Hats are more often worn on Saturdays, and especially during Carnival time. Days such as the Epsom, Golden Slipper, Doncaster Day, Melbourne Cup - hats are pretty much essential. I might commission a special hat once a season. I can often pick up ready made styles, I have a large collection of neutral hats that I can wear with different dresses".

Gorgeous Kylie

"I love looking at magazines, at blogs, and I check out my favourite designers' websites regularly. I usually start with the dress and go into the store to try it on. This jacket is by Willow, I bought it this season, and I have just worn and worn it. The fabric is super comfortable, and it's been a really versatile colour. I really love wearing white, rather than black. I find that wearing lighter and brighter colours just make me feel brighter too."  Shirt is by Saba, and this skirt is by Bassike. 

More Kylie

"This hat was a custom design made by Nerida Winter, it's actually a hand me down from my friend Carmel, a fellow racing friend. The orange shirt and skirt are both by Thurley bought on sale. I love this shirt, I have worn it a lot, it looks great with my black leather pants".  Black shoes are also by Thurley brought at the sale. 

 Alannah Hill dress

"My daughter Charli loves this spotty dress the best, I call it my Stepford Wives outfit. The dress and cardie are both by Alannah Hill, I love that this dress has pockets, and the fabric is slightly stretchy, it feels so lovely to wear". These neutral shoes have been a favourite and are by Country Road.


"This dress has been really fun to wear, it's by Zimmermann - it's strapless, so I like to wear it with a jacket. I picked up this Ellery jacket for $200 at their sample sale, it had one arm longer than the other, so I had my dressmaker even them up so I could wear it more often".

"This photo was taken when we won our first Doncaster Mile, Carmel is a fantastic supporter of our stable as well as having horses with us she is always there to support and encourage us, whether it is her horses racing or someone else's. She has been in the racing industry her whole life, her father was a famous trainer also. There is a lot of superstition at the races, you can't wear - green it's bad luck, but odd socks or special ties might bring good luck. Joe my husband often wears odd socks on big race days. It was only when he got home after a big win that he realised he'd put them on unconsciously!".

Great dress

This dress is by Lisa Ho, shoes are by All That Glitters. I loved Lisa Ho and wore a lot of her designs to the races, and in particular to black tie awards nights. 

 “I love wearing these beige shoes from PeepToe, though WItchery and Country Road are favourites too - they are both really comfortable shoes! I love PeepToe shoes, but they are often very high - so I can't wear them on long days. I like to wear these PeepToe platforms, they have extra height, and I find them really comfy to wear all day.”


"One of my favourite designers is Collette Dinnigan, her dresses are very feminine and classic, I can wear her dresses again and again, and from season to season. This cream lace dress is a favourite". Dress by Collette Dinnigan, the head piece I picked up at David Jones, and shoes by Witchery.

Carla Zampatti 

“This Carla Zampatti dress caught the eye of the Vogue fashion on-field photographer, but I didn't make it to the final cut! Oh well, it was nice to be photographed anyway!" Kylie laughs. Shoes by Tony Bianco Shoes,  and Witchery belt. Bracelet by Nicole Fendel.  

More Kylie

quote 4

When Kylie walked out wearing this Collette Dinnigan dress and custom hat made by Nerida Winter, we were a little lost for words, she just looked so elegant, and the colour really suited her. "I love finding a great new dress to wear, there's nothing better than wearing something new, it makes you feel good all day". We absolutely agree!

As we are packing up on this super warm day, Kylie says, "I am off to Spice Temple for dinner tonight, I was hoping it was going to be cold so I could wear my leather pants!". "Pants?!"  we think - "She wears pants?". Lol!  

"My job is not really as glamorous as you'd think, we do a lot of walking and meeting clients, not so much lunching and champagne. But the fun bit is dressing up, and I do love that part!".

Thank you to Kylie for braving the heat to show off her collection of stunning dresses and give our readers some sage advice about comfortable shoes at the races. Thanks to Charli - Kylie's five year old daughter who really did bound around with more energy than a thoroughbred! 

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Giarne Wedes Stylist     

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