Meet Leni Borg
Sale shopper extraordinaire, Leni's style is so simple, so chic, and so, so cheap!

Oct 01, 2013 01:13
by Missy

Meet Leni Borg

Okay. Confession time. Let me tell you I love Leni like a sister, or in fact, like the blood cousin she is.  All our lives, this girl has always had style. From her cropped hair-dos, and assymetric cuts, Leni has sported many a radical hair-do in her time. But these days, her style alternates between lady-like, which she does so well, and tom-boy, which she claims is her usual attire.  But beyond the debate about girly versus boyish style, one thing is certain, this girl can sniff out a bargain at ten paces. She's a serial bargain hunter. And (sniff) that makes me so proud.

bargain hunter

"This scarf is by Lilly and Lional, I found it at Three Over One on Oxford Street in Paddo. I got it on sale, down from $200, to just $50! The sunnies are Tom Ford bought from a store in the Queen Victoria Building. They were a bit of a splurge, but I was shopping with two other friends and we all made a purchase, so the shop assistant gave us a discount because we brought three pairs in total, I think we saved 25%". 

The fluro sneakers are from Penno Plaza! They are Lacoste from a street wear store, on sale from $90 down to $54. "They were a gift from mum for my birthday even though she hates them".

"The cream dress is from a Lee Mathews sale, a bargain for $20.  The brown shoes by Django & Juliette are a recent purchase from Zomp just a few weeks old now, they were on sale for $75.  Zomp on Oxford Street have excellent sales (almost as good as Lee Mathews!),"  says Leni.

Leni Borg wearing Issey Miyake

"I bought this dress while on holidays in London, It's by Issey Miyake. My step sister runs the Issey Miyake London store. Athough she gets family discounts, I managed to choose something from the collection that wasn't included in family discounts, but I had to have it. I have worn it for a number of events, weddings and other fancy things. It's more than paid for itself it terms of wears already".

Although we didn't get a picture of it, Leni also has a beautiful black scarf that is super long, with neat pleats all the way along it's length. "I went back to the shop three times, and finally brought it, along with a Mick Jagger cushion, it's been a great investment, it just looks great on so many things".

Leni's shoes are from Spain, "I bought these for 38, I needed a pair of shoes to wear to a wedding, they have a chunky wooden heel because I can't actually walk well in high heels, but this chunky heel works for me'". 

Fabulous Orange Dress

friends quote

The orange dress above is from Lee Mathews, "I did pay full price for this dress, but I love her things, and I know I will wear and wear them. I bought it to wear to a lunch at Pittwater. Lee Matthews sales are the best ever. My friends and I went to the last sale and filled my mate's pram with so many clothes, the baby had to be removed and carried so we could fit in more clothes!".  

Bangles worn were gifts from an ex-boyfriend and brought from craft markets around the world.  

Meet Leni Borg

The yellow dress is from the Lee Mathews sale too, it was $25 bucks, it's a Tilly dress, the younger label from Lee Matthews. "I am so glad I bought this one, I wasn't sure about the colour at the time, but I have worn it to death". 

 Leni in Red sweater

funny quote

"This red jumper I brought online from www.leemathews.com.au during the sale" (are you noting a trend here?). "It was $200 down to something obscene like $37, I love it.  The white linen skirt is from the Incu warehouse sale which I found out about on Missy Confidential. It's by Therese Rawthorne. It's funny this skirt... I didn't wear for it for years, and suddenly I found it in the wardrobe, and now I am wearing it a lot. So that idea you should get rid of any items that you haven't worn it in 1 year is wrong – in my experience anyway".  

Meet Leni Borg

Meet Leni Borg

"This black bag was a birthday gift, it's by a Japanese designer.  It was bought online by my step-sister, she was a scout for my mum and dad for my Christmas present last year.  Sarah (my step sister) warned my folks, “I found a present for Leni and unfortunately, it's not on budget". I absolutely love this bag, it's been such a great bag, I use it all the time."


"My brother calls this my high-lighter skirt. I got it from Broadway Betty on Broadway vintage shop years ago! It's a Kookai skirt and I love to wear it with a plain black tee. I have had it for about 10 years, I can't seem to part with it. It comes out again and again ready for summer".


 Photographed in Bondi

 "This peach top is by Bassike. I paid full price I love it. It's silk with cotton sleeves and so lovely to wear. The black leggings, again, were from Lee Matthews. I found them at the Newport Market day, they are silk and cost $10!" (okay we note Leni's addiction to Lee Matthews and further more her nose for a bargain!) 

Meet Leni

Street style bondi

RM williams boots sale

"Now this outfit is really me, this is what I mostly wear unless it's hot! Dark jeans and a grey marle t-shirt. The Bassike top was from their sale at Paddo Town Hall - I found about it on Missy Confidential. Jeans are Mavi and they are from a Mavi sale, I bought three pairs for $100 cash. My step brother worked for Mavi at the time, it was a friends and family sale. I love these jeans. They are totally worn out, I have worn them I can't tell you how many times! I pretty much live in them". The RM williams boots I bought for $500. I have re-soled them 5 or 6 times, they are my work horses, I wear them all the time".

Thank you Leni, for your sharing your bargains with us, and for being a most fabulous model of style, we love your commitment to the bargain hunt!  

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Giarne Wedes Stylist     

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Giarne Wedes of wespeakstyle.com

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