10 Haute Fashion Trends To Translate For The Home
And how to do it…

Natasha Saroca

Nov 04, 2014 04:36
by Natasha Saroca

Love the fashion trends that are making waves this season and pretty confident you won’t be quite ready to say goodbye to them once summer is over? Well, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate them into your life in a more permanent fashion – not just in your wardrobe but in your home, too!

Below we take you through ten must-try spring/summer fashion trends that you should also consider incorporating in your home, plus also we share our top tips on how to adapt the ideas to create fashion-forward interior spaces that exude loads of personality, visual interest and chic appeal.

1. Bold graphic prints

Eye-catching statement prints will instantly infuse any room with a hearty dose of character, interest and drama. For a stylish, bold look, try covering your walls with graphic-print wallpaper (opt for removable wallpaper that’s a breeze to remove when you’re ready for a change) or your floor with a patterned area rug. Want to take it to the next level? Layer two graphic prints together – as you can see here, the result is a space that’s oozes high-impact style. Desire a more low-key look? Try decorating your space with smaller items (such as soft furnishings and décor) that are dressed in graphic prints instead.

2. White on white

All-white interiors can sometimes look a little too perfect and a tad lifeless. The key to getting this clean, minimalist look right is to incorporate loads of different textures into your scheme to add contrast and visual appeal. This white-on-white living zone features an array of décor and furnishings made from a variety materials, from a low-slung glossy timber side board and powder-coated metal light pendants, to a woollen rug and pillowy upholstered sofa and bean bag. Notice how the fabric furniture items and soft furnishings help soften the cold, clean palette, while the almost-white timber floors add a touch of warmth to the space. A soft neutral and white patterned feature wall infuses the room with an extra hint of visual appeal, too.

3. Tropical prints

Want to feel like you’re on a tropical vacay all year round? Then add splashes of fun, colourful tropical prints around your home. We heart the leafy wallpaper that makes for a punchy feature wall in this home office. For a more subtle look, stick with smaller decorating items, such as tropical-print cushions, art prints, quilt covers and throws instead.

4. Metallics

Metallic décor will inject any room with a hint of gleaming glamour. Decorate your space with hints of gold or silver for a touch of timeless style, or if you desire a scheme that’s very now, opt for copper or rose gold accents, or décor dressed in iridescent versions of on-trend tones.

5. Green with envy

Green, in its many different shades, was all over the catwalk this season, and we’re all for using it all around the home, too. Why? It’s soothing and serene, which means it’s a great hue to incorporate into spaces designed for rest and relaxation, like the living room or the bedroom. Apple green has been cleverly used in throughout airy white bedroom to add a splash of striking colour and a restful vibe. Notice how the abundant use of white stops the vibrant green from being too energetic and overwhelming.

6. Global traveller

Love exotic animal prints and tribal patterns inspired by faraway lands? Well, we bet you’ll be down with decorating your home in an eclectic global style. We love upholstered furniture and area rugs dressed bohemian motifs, like the Aztec-inspired design seen in this dining room. If your patterned piece of choice boasts loud, vibrant colours, pair it with neutral shades so it takes a starring role in the space. Otherwise, pair neutral-toned prints with rich reds and oranges to create an earthy scheme, or jewel tones for a look that oozes an exotic, mystical vibe.

7. Chic cut-outs

Now, this is kind of a tricky trend to translate for the home, and although we struggled for a while, we finally came up with the perfect answer … pendant lights with peek-a-boo cut-outs! This geometric sphere-shaped pendant makes a bold statement in the entrance of this home, plus it throws a mesmerising shadow across the space, too. Pendant lights like these also work a treat in the kitchen or dining room.

8. Monochrome

Classic black and white combos have long been a favourite on the runway and in the home – and it’s a timeless look that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. Decorating with a monochrome palette is pretty difficult to get wrong; that being said, if you feel your space is looking a bit blah, try adding interest in the form of bold patterns or by making black the dominate colour of your space. These two tricks will add oomph to your scheme and transform it from ordinary to outstanding.

9. Sorbet shades

Do you steer clear of decorating with pastels because you think they look too girly or sweet? The trick to making them work in your interior is to use them in moderation, and pair them with neutral tones and touch, edgy materials. This living zone shows how it’s done – a clean, contemporary palette of white, black and grey provides the perfect backdrop for several soft pastel accents, while a painted exposed brick wall, timber flooring and industrial-style decor offset the sweetness of the sorbet tones and give the room a cool, urban vibe.

10. Sheer style

If you’ve been hitting the shops pretty regularly since the latest spring/summer collections dropped in stores a few months ago, then we’re sure you’ve seen loads of clothing on the racks made from lace or pieces with sheer panels. One way to incorporate this trend into your home is to hang sheer curtains in rooms where you’d like loads of natural light but some privacy, too. Another way is to invest in clear or coloured acrylic or glass furniture, which will achieve a (somewhat) similar effect.

Would you consider incorporating any of these fashion-forward trends into your interior? Which one/s?

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